right now

right now

Aug 25, 2011

Scenes from today...

Just Random...

Lines at the pumps...

Armored trucks at many of the ATM's to clear them out before possible looting.

Generators everywhere...

Oh, no!  She's on eggs... what am I going to do???

This will be the last time I see these guys for the foreseeable future, I bet!

So calm, right now...

Makes you stop and give thanks for having hubby home for this disaster when some don't have that luxury...

These are just 2 spotted today of the 5000 military members and family at the Oceanfront while I was out that attended a memorial service for the Special Forces that were killed in Afghanistan when their helicopter was shot down.  A huge gathering and reason for silence in spite of all the chaos happening around us today.

Got traffic?

Even the Navy has a traffic jam to get out to sea!

Good times...

Enough of this for now... going to KNIT!  :)


  1. All I can say is . . . wow, very interesting! So if someone were to need to get some money out of an ATM tonight or tomorrow, there would be none available? Are all the lines of traffic evacuating the area?

    I am VERY glad your hubby is home with you for these next few days. Thinking about you and hoping for the very best! Stay safe.

  2. Mama Pea, you would be correct! See why I get so upset when I warn people ahead of time to get cash and they roll their eyes LOL? Been there, made that mistake, always remember it every year after!

  3. Oh my lines and lines. Hope the storm doesn't barrel in too hard.

  4. Wow, it's so hard for us in the Midwest to imagine seeing these things. I feel so bad for the loss of the families and the tributes on top of preparing for Irene!

    I wonder if you could catch Mama dove and nest and put it in a cage and secure it somehow? Sounds crazy but dagnabbit, now I am going to worry about her too!

  5. How scary... and the poor dove! Hang in there.

  6. I hope you can feel all of us being with you to ride out this storm.

    Can't wait for you to get the heck out of there and settle in Minnie-soda where you'll never have to go through a hurricane again. Having four feet of snow dumped on you is not NEARLY as dangerous!!

  7. Hoping and praying for your safety. Soooo glad your Hubby is home with you. I've never had to go through anything like that. We've been flooded, but that was slow, and we sandbagged. Glad you prep!!!

  8. We're all thinking of you Erin and hoping the best for what's ahead. So glad your husband is home with you!!I have no idea what its like to go through a storm that huge...get your butt back here to MN, will ya?

  9. I'm so glad your husband is there with you and you are all prepared for Irene. I hope she isn't as bad as you fear and blows out to sea.

    When is Irene scheduled to hit your area?

  10. I'm willing to bet the shelves at the Walmart are bare too. People always wait until the last minute. We get that up here, except it's snow shovels , bags of salt, and roof rakes. As if you don't need them EVERY winter. Sheesh.
    Well, this was truly an interesting post. I guess I never realized they took ATM's with them. But, I guess I never thought of looting them. Silly me!

  11. Geez, looks like a normal day in NYC (lines and traffic, that is). Oh, your poor dove! Hopefully, she won't go down with the nest. All my thoughts and prayers are with you all. I've got cash, water, food, matches, etc. We homesteaders are prepared! I'm glad you don't have to go through this one alone.

  12. oh gosh,I don;t think I can stand this I run and hide if a black cloud comes over [ must be from watching the wizard of oz so many times when I grew up--i keep dreaming about tornadoes--you have much bigger worries, well if they say go---gooooooooooo,you have to keep those babies safe.

  13. That poor darn bird. Again! Can you tie off the basket so it doesn't sway at least?