right now

right now

Aug 6, 2011

Friday Night Fun

I meant to have some photos of the declining summer garden, but hubby has my camera this morning on his bike ride.  I think this weekend will involve several bike outings with the kids instead of the garden since school starts back up in just a few weeks and with the heat we've been having I feel like the kids didn't get much of a summer vacation.  I hope we can give them at least a little bit of fun in the next couple weeks!

First, here's what I was making...

Red isn't really my thing, and I have nothing to match this bag except.....

....meet Betty!  Although I do have another "real bike", the one that I worry about it being lightweight and that takes oodles of abuse, but Betty is different, she's "a ride"...

So Betty has a bag now for all that random non-essential stuff that a barefoot beach bike needs, you know, like sunblock, sandwiches, cameras, a book, towel.  Notice Betty has a cupholder instead of water bottle cage - yes, Betty is definitely a ride.  Hubby laughs at Betty, I think he's just jealous.  I'm thinking of a sewing a seatcover or basket liner next, and maybe a matching beach quilt - maybe rigging up something big enough for Sprocket to ride in, like a milk crate!  I definitely don't worry about weight on this one, pile the junk on!  Hey mom, Betty is the bike we'll put you on when you get here, you'll love her!

Last night we rode down to the Boardwalk to take in a free concert.  Grant Austin Taylor was performing and I am a huge fan.  Not sure if you know about him but he's a kid who also happens to be an amazing blues guitarist.  I've been watching him since he was about 11 or 12, he's 15 now and will be going places, if he can free himself of the bubble gum sidekick...

We were a bit disappointed that last night's concert included none of his blues stuff, but he was doing a beach city tour with an up and coming young country girl and the event is part of our city's "FamFest" series, which features free family and kid friendly entertainment, so I guess I "get it"... let the Bubble Gum music roll... the tweens sure seem to like it.  To get an accurate representation of this kid's talent the rest of the time, check this out!:

More fun was had prior to the concert...

Loch doing the Limbo

Finn the Hula master!

Here's one of those rickshaw like contraptions in action, later that evening one of them almost took out Finnegan!

What the hey?  Where's the What Not to Wear crew when you need them?  Seriously, LOL?

The kids were slackjawed when she walked by LOL, as they were with the surfer dude evangelizing on the boardwalk railing.  I gotta admit, he was awesome LOL, but it was too windy to hear him on my video so I can't share that one!  Have a great Saturday everyone, I'm headed out for another day with Betty and the family - right after I go outside and cry over my squash bed, there's thousands of bugs in it!

Aug 4, 2011

It's a boy!

I'm speaking of my new nephew!  My brother and his wife in Saint Paul had their baby the other night, everything went well and I'm an aunt again!  The boys are so excited to have a boy cousin, although they adore their other cousin Nora.  I had to hurry and finish sewing the outfit I made for her, since she's a "big sister" now and deserves to be showered with some love now that she has to share mom & dad!  It's a little sundress type thing with "bloomers", that's what I call them anyways!  SO fun sewing for a little girl, I'm missing out on it!  I hope they fit, it's pretty hard going off measurements over the phone without her little butt here to try it on.  Maybe Grandma might have to alter it a bit?  :)  I can always count on my mom to fix my mistakes!

This is the pattern (#5416) if you are interested in it, it only took a day and was relatively easy & good for beginners.

Not much else going on except a lot of tomato sauce and crock pot cooking, nothing too exciting.  Still hot, still humid!

Anyone else have "Mr. Funny Guy" partners?  I sat down to the computer where THIS page was still open...um, yeah, look at the price...

Upon hearing my "pfffft" noise in the other room, hubby starts laughing and said "just kidding".  Umm hmmmm.

Started a new project today... any guesses?  

I won't be able to get to the sewing stage today, gotta run the boys to music lessons and then dinner, and then I'm usually done after that :)

Aug 2, 2011

Let freedom ring!

I've been doing my best to avoid the garden lately, I know I'm not alone in this!  It's so hot and humid... but lots of you are dealing with the same, so I won't complain, this time :)  I will however, admit that my threats to throw in the towel are starting to become less threat and more action (or inaction in my case).  I have officially ceased watering and bug collecting out there.  Things are drooping, burning, ugly, being eaten by insects and I. don't. care.!  I feel a little badly about it, but I really have been doing my best up until a couple of weeks ago, and I've already started to resent the time I've spent out there dealing with it all and neglecting the more fun things in life.  I am now only collecting my basket of a.m. goodies while they last...

Speaking of "more funner" things... we are starting to "get our life back" a little after years of toddler-dom.  The other night, the kids rode their bikes from our house, up over a relatively steep inlet bridge, and down to the oceanfront and down the boardwalk without stopping or complaining!  It was about 10 miles round trip that we did, I'm very proud of them.  I can't tell you how free this makes me feel - and for the first time we can enjoy bike riding, ice cream on the boardwalk and people-watching without paying for parking!  This is something I REFUSE to do, since I live in this city I am always fuming over the fact that we can't get near the beach and they charge $10-20 to park your vehicle, that's always been my main issue with going down there.  But now we are rockin' the bikes, having fun, and not paying a thing!

But first, nervous mom here spent the first night barking out instructions on how to ride in traffic over the din of speeding tourists, this mom gig is not for the faint of heart, but they have to start learning somehow.

Here is Finn riding up and over the inlet bridge that is the final stretch before the boardwalk.  Very busy road, but a nice shared use path separated from the traffic lanes.  I was pretty nervous here, and made him walk his bike down the hill, since all this separation ends smack dab in a busy tourist intersection down on "the Strip".  I wasn't thoroughly convinced he could brake well if he got rolling too fast downhill!

The destination:  Kids loving being able to ride on the "real bike highway" on the boardwalk.  They are learning to listen for the bells that mean someone is passing them and other courtesies, so much to learn when you're little.  We have these horrible Thai-style rickshaws that ride down here and take up the whole path and the tourists that rent them can barely pedal them, so they are learning to "respect the rickshaw!"

Goofy faced Loch showing off his first real bike injury.  He cried at first, but then we told him he wasn't a real biker until he had enough scars to prove it, so now he's a little excited about it.

Yesterday while on the base at hubby's squadron, we had a heron pose for us!

These are quite numerous here, but we usually see them in the water or in the marsh.  This one decided that the naval flight line applied to him as well I guess!  I hope he doesn't get sucked up in an engine, he needs to relocate :)

Finally, this morning's non-gardening produced this...

The tomatoes are starting to become smaller, but still here.