right now

right now

Feb 21, 2013

I'm not late!

I'm not so late after all!  Here's my garden calendar from last year...

That's February 23rd, so although I waited until the last possible minute to even start the spring plan, luckily it appears that I don't really even have to order seeds,  I have plenty in the stash so it looks like I'm right on track.

The girls know there was no rush - and it's a good thing there isn't an intruder in the house as well!  This is the less frequently seen side of neurotic herding dogs, they do in fact have an off switch - sometimes it works.

Do they think  I won't be able to see that they are on the couch?  

The hubs now works crazy hours again, leaving me with peace and quiet after the boys go to bed.  The now famous "Garden Binder" and sharpened pencils are standing ready and tonight I will finally get my act together and get my plan in place.  There is quite a stack of seed catalogs that I can't bear to toss even though I have plenty of seeds already so you know there will be an order of an unnecessary assortment of edible horticultural fluff there :)

What else?

I made a big batch of beef jerky a few days ago... this is all that's left in the half gallon jar!

I will leave you with some fun - 

I receive Martha Stewart's Living magazine, not sure why since I never subscribed, but her monthly "Martha's Calendar" is a must see:

the 17th looks like an exceptionally busy day

I wonder how long it took Martha to dust all those lightbulbs herself?!

I'm off to plan!