right now

right now

Nov 11, 2011

Happy Veteran's Day!

Yes, I'm still here, still struggling with I-don't-know-what!  I've been SO tired lately and so "not myself" that I'm afraid to post since I don't have any earth shattering projects going on right now.  I will say that the past 2 days have been really good, not tired after waking up and slowly returning to getting some daily chores done "on time".

I promised my mom a photo of her well-dressed guys, the result of a lovely day out thrift shopping!

Don't let their silly faces fool you, they love dressing up and Finn has been asking if he could wear his tie to school LOL.  I am proud to say also the the boys tie their own real ties and have expressed disdain lately over the unavailability of "real ties" for the younger set.  :)

The occasion was church, which was quite a shock to the kids as neither hubby or I had exposed them to much mostly due to the fact that we came from different backgrounds and hadn't ever really sat down and had any real discussions on the subject.  After some lengthy searching and researching, we have finally started to add faith into our lives and our childrens' lives.  I'm not sure why it took so long, but faith is never a bad thing to have in a family or life, no matter what faith a person has or shape it takes in their lives.  So anyway, that's been an added place I need to devote time to as well, so I'm in the midst of trying to best divide my time best between all our activities, and now I'm preaching to the mom choir, aren't I?!

I'm actually thinking of a dry erase board with a schedule on it just for ME!  Don't laugh, it actually calms me to see schedules posted all over the place - I'm weird.

I know one thing is on the schedule for sure today, I'm going to at least go through my fabric stash and pick a fabric for that apron!

Please thank the veterans in your lives today for us, and as a husband & wife veteran duo we appreciate all the thoughts we have been sent as well, have a great Veterans Day!

And fess' up... do any of you have that apron completed already?!!!