right now

right now

Jan 26, 2012

A repeat! The "Seed Binder"...

Some of you remember my seed storage/garden planning system of using a binder I posted about last year.  Since mentioning it again the other day I've had a few requests to know more about it so I'll repost the link below.  

Some things worth mentioning - if you decide this type of storage is for you, purchase the big, repeat LARGE binder with the industrial strength D-rings!  These are only available in office supply stores, they are commonly used for large items like catalogs and such.  I've wasted money twice on the "regular variety large ones" and they fell apart and ruined pages every time it was opened.  Since blowing the big bucks (about $15 I think) on this big one a couple of years ago that problem was solved, and there's always room for more it seems.  Also, unleash your inner teenage girl and decorate it!  I love cutting out photos from the Baker Creek catalog to put all over the cover and spine.  Kind of like an adult version of a tween Trapper Keeper LOL!  Part of the reason this works well for me is that I keep it on my bookshelf right by the couch, so it's pretty temperature and humidity steady, I wouldn't keep it in a shed or garage, for instance.  

In an ideal situation of course I would prefer a sealed vault with air and temperature controls, but for my tiny space and matching tiny budget, this has worked pretty fabulously for about 4 years now.

Okay, for those that wanted to know more about it, read the Seed Binder post here!

Warm, in the 60's today, but rain moving in this afternoon through the weekend, looks like a catalog & planning weekend here...

Jan 24, 2012

Dodging responsibility!

I have a ton of things I'm supposed to be doing... and someday I'll update you on the madness, but for today - I'm not doing a darned thing on that list.

That's because other than the fact that my yard and garden are a complete mess in the photo below, look at that sun!  It's been raining for days, but it's now clearing up, the kids are at school, and it's already 62ยบ here at 9:30 a.m.

I'm going to head out there and clean a few beds up and plant something, anything!  Heck, with the weather we haven't been having this winter, I may throw caution to the wind along with some zinnia seed!  Ha, more likely spinach and greens, but if the mood strikes it might be a fun experiment this year.

Still no Baker Creek, but thankfully I have a stash and I'm sure I can find something in there!

Now the hard part is trying not to think about what I'm pushing aside in order to go out and play in the garden, but I keep reminding myself that it IS what I love to do most, and I need to get back in touch with it, the weather has been so warm this year I wouldn't be surprised to find a thriving little community of Squash Bugs wintered over out there having set up their own commune, I better go...!  Unless you are the school nurse and my kid is throwing up money, don't call LOL!

Jan 23, 2012

One for Grandma!

The past weekend and this week so far has had me pretty busy, but I know my mom is anxiously awaiting  video of the boys'  annual "Talent Show" that their music teachers put on every year.  It's a good way for their students of all ages and abilities to build confidence playing for an audience, and they generate charitable donations for her church by charging "admission" in the form of canned goods or offerings for good causes.  The weird thing is that my kids appear to have no stage fright, they actually really like being up there in front of everyone!

Without further ado, here's Finnegan...

and Lochlann on fiddle...

See why I can't really cut this expense out of the budget LOL?  I'm still looking for ways to get back some money and time, but this won't be it :)