right now

right now

Jan 9, 2012

Picture catch up...

The weather here is rainy and chilly, kind of has me in a funk!  Doing more things related to organizing rather than what I wanted to do, which is garden planning.  I am trying to get back into regular blogging, even if I have nothing earth shattering to report, however!  I know that before we know it, we'll all be having tons of things to report on with seed starting and spring planting coming up, so that keeps me hopeful.

One good thing about dreary weather... comfort food!

Potato Soup and Biscuits

Here's a good one from the other day...

Yep, that's snow - we went from 65º one day, these pathetic flakes the next, then up to 71º the next!

Spotted at Finn's school the other day... Finn introduced me to "the new kid" at lunch, my mouth was agape as I met this kid who sat down with his salad and even ate it!  With the lunchroom filled with McDonald's bags, Chick Fil-A, "Lunchables", strawberry milks and other horrifying stuff I wanted to cry seeing this, gives me hope that there are indeed other parents out there who care enough to teach their kids, and that the kids are actually listening!

And with the new year, change is in the air!

That's my thick old mop before...

and after!

Not sure why I even grew it out, other than laziness.  I think this was probably the longest my hair has been since age 4?  I don't even own any "power tools" for hair, so it's not like I ever did anything with it other than the same old ponytail every day.  Tired of washing it and having it still be wet that evening, tired of it in my face, tired of hair in the drain, hair on my shirt, blech, I was not cut out for long hair, so it's gone!

I am finally out of my lazy stretch I think, I actually have bread in the oven!  Hope this is the start of a new season of motivation :)