right now

right now

Jun 9, 2012

But wait... there's MORE!

Oh goodie, something new!    

I'm tired of this crap.  I'm taking my handsome husband...

and going to the beach...

where there are no tomatoes.

Jun 4, 2012

Back in the garden! Lots of photos...

First, I'll finish up the weekend...

Campsite amidst Live Oaks... my favorite tree!

The beach got too windy so we came back home and hubby decided it was time for Loch to learn how to mow the lawn...

Pretty funny stuff... don't hire him unless you just want random paths cut into the grass!

Although we are still getting nightly downpours (really strange), it has been windy enough that the garden dries out during the day and temps are very tolerable at about 80 so I headed out to check the garden.  I spent the morning today cutting blight off and tying up tomatoes that the wind and rain have been beating up.  In an attempt to spend as much time catching up out there as possible this week, this might be the only garden post I have this week, with temps forecast in the mid 70's for the next 5 days I will be taking full advantage and getting lots of work done out there (I hope)!

Here's what's going on...

Overview of the center garden, looking like a jungle -

I know I said I wasn't going to fight this again this year but...

after cutting all that away, I tied up several beds of tomatoes.

Below, heirloom "Virginia Romas" - these are the least affected by blight right now, which is interesting since this is the bed that was the most affected last year! These also aren't tied much, they seem really sturdy and upright naturally.

Below are the Brandywines, you can see how tall they are with my shoulder in the way!

Brandywines, hurry!

The pepper bed is packed closer than I've ever packed them before and they are doing really well, I think there are 22 plants in the 4x8 bed.  Peppers are easy since they don't really need staking and are pretty compact well-behaved plants :)

The bean bed is flowering now, lots of beans packed in this bed.  Yellow Wax and Green bush beans with pole beans toward the back.  You can't see it but there is a strip of lumber in there I can walk on to get to the center of the bean bed to pick the pole beans.  My bush beans are spaced about 4 inches apart in rows, I always pack these tightly too and have good success.

The grapes are "graping" :), even though I only grow them for the grape leaves for my pickle jars.  The birds enjoy the fruit.  Anyone remember when I would painstakingly tie brown paper bags over each bunch to keep the wasps and birds away?  LOL, yeah I don't fight that battle anymore.

Lots of people have asked about my Colonnade Apple trees, they put out a lot of fruit for such a small tree!

Here's one of the trees (should have pruned it, ooops!)

A lot of apples on these little trees!

Summer Squash is still well behaved -

No Squash Bugs, yet...

The side garden is out of control, I'll be in there tomorrow.  I have onions bolted and sticking me in the eyeball!  On the right are "Old Virginia" Heirlooms, since I haven't gotten to them yet they are laying all over from the wind and rain yet.

My 1st year of Hollyhock blooms!

One last thing...

What the heck is THIS?!  I haven't seen this one before in my garden, and it definitely doesn't look very helpful, so he's dead now :)  It's the size of a ladybug, actually it ended up in the pile of blight cuttings and I went to rescue it thinking it was a ladybug...not!  I wonder if there will ever be a year when I don't have to google insects...