right now

right now

Dec 17, 2009

Did someone say she has TOMATOES???

Believe it or not, some things in my garden have been thriving in the cool temps! Here's what's going on now:

Salvia is thriving all around the little barrel pond. It blooms most of the year round, but in the fall it really takes off. The little fish in the pond are starting to go dormant, not wanting food or swimming the surface much anymore.

Garlic & Onion & Pansy Bed

Lettuces, this may be the last photo I get of them due to frost.

Mama got some new boots!!

A stray clematis bloom that thought it was springtime after it had already been pruned back! It proceeded to grow about 2 feet and start budding! The bloom was very pale compared to normal, but it was a surprise beauty anyways. That's gone now, thanks to the frost last night. Our area even had cherry & pear trees putting out blossoms 2 weeks ago due to the strange fall we have been having.

My deck containers are still going, the Giant Parsley LOVES fall and is going crazy taking over my Swiss Chard. These containers have been getting covered at night the past two nights since they are easily accessible from the house. I suspect their time is limited though.

My husband's awesome find at work - not sure what it's purpose will be yet.

And finally... don't laugh.... TOMATOES in the house??!! I rescued these babies growing out of a few fallen tomatoes in one of the beds back in October. They are both Heirloom, so there is no reason not to use the seedlings, since I save seed anyways. I didn't expect much, but they seem to be thriving in the kids' southern facing room. I went ahead and drug out one of the grow lights a little early and hung one above. If it never fruits, no big deal, at least a fun experiment, but if it does..... fresh tomato grilled pizza in winter!! Stay tuned...

I think I will have to admit defeat on the lettuces for the year, they are suffering frost damage bit by by over the past week, but this weekend we are actually supposed to get snow. I didn't do anything in the way of hoophouses or tunnels this year, so I think the fact that we got greens for this long is pretty good! Hope you are all getting ready for the Holiday... Me? Haven't even started shopping yet! I am doing sugar cookies today, and I cannot even describe how much I hate rolling and cutting and transferring them to the baking sheet! Every year I seem to forget how big of a pain it is...

Dec 14, 2009


Good Monday Morning to all! I am looking to my blogger friends to provide me with any recommendations for seed catalogs that they think go "above & beyond"! For a few years now, I have been ordering from Baker Creek (all Heirloom), Seed Savers Exchange (non-profit), Seeds of Change (certified organic), and Johnny's Selected Seeds (employee owned). I love all of these but am just looking to expand my horizons a bit! I do mainly Heirloom, but am looking to add a few hybrid types this year (to ensure production even if we get an "off" summer again, lol!)

My recommendations for you are the above, but definitely order a Baker Creek Heirloom catalog, the photography is amazing with glossy thick full page fashion magazine type photos, super eye candy in the winter, some photos are just about suitable for framing! And the veggies are great too!
So tell me, which catalogs would you not be able to make do without?