right now

right now

Nov 19, 2010


After posting a poem about a chicken and then disappearing for 2 days, I figured I'd better say "hi" and let you know that I wasn't committed (yet) or anything!

Been very busy knitting socks and prepping for hubby's upcoming return and our vacation. Tonight is the kids' "talent show" their music teachers put on for all the students. It's really just all the kids getting to perform in front of people, and the guests are charged an "admission" of donated goods for the local food bank!

As long as the camera battery cooperates, I'll have "talent" show footage later this weekend! I'll probably be MIA again tomorrow as I have a lot of projects that need finishing around here. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Nov 17, 2010

The Chicken Whisperer

aka the weird mom who talks to factory chickens while home alone all day...

Oh Grocery Store Chicken,
I'm sorry.
Many times I've passed you by
in favor of your more pampered farm friends
the economy
and here you are before me on my counter
What to do?
Here is my promise
You will be respected in death
as you should have been in life
First night you gave us roast chicken
the next you graced my garden salad
today, we stock!
Sadly you were raised to sport Hollywood fake breasts
puny legs
no matter...
All of you will be cherished today!
In the pot you go
to socialize with vegetables
the ones you were deprived of in life
If you had been mine...
oh, you would still have not died of old age!
But while you lived you would have had sunshine
children laughing at you
maybe a knitted ascot
chicken friends
I will give you now what you didn't have in life
thank you little chicken,
the house smells good today!

Soup's On!

Nov 16, 2010

a quickie...

this was how dinner conversation went tonight:

Finn: "Mommy, are you 40 or 50?
Me (snicker-choke): "I'm 40, why?"
Finn: "My teacher wants to know"
Me: "Oh, did she ask all the kids how old their parents are?"
Finn: "No, she just asked me, she wants to know if you are 40 or 50."
Me: ????

Do you think he's fibbing? He swears his teacher asked! LOL...
BTW, his teacher is about 28!

Not the kind of "day off" I had in mind!

I didn't post yesterday because I didn't want to be a whiner! Yes, I was SICK! After dinner Sunday evening I started to feel a little "off". Sure enough, by 8:30 p.m. I was completely overwhelmed by it. Classic flu symptoms, muscle aches, chills. I was under 2 down comforters and then I started shivering, badly, like teeth chattering and felt like I was having convulsions. I checked the thermostat, it was 74º inside so I took my temperature... 95.6!! I ended up taking Nyquil and woke up with only the feeling of being beaten with a baseball bat, but no fever or chills, just tiredness. Strange, but apparently either my flu vaccine 2 weeks ago had some cross protection with another strain, or this was truly a 24 hour flu. (Most people say 24 hr flu to refer to something that isn't the flu at all, but a stomach bug.) No G.I. symptoms whatsover, so I'm thankful for that! I let myself rest most of the day yesterday, just to make sure, but today was completely back in the game, got errands done, car washed and waxed, and was able to check on the garden before the rain started this afternoon. Still not much going on out there.

Thought you might enjoy this:

After a horrible morning trying to get the kids out the door to school while I was so sick, I admitted defeat when they got home and laid on the couch and let them fix their own dinners!

The menu? Peanut butter & honey sandwiches, applesauce and Halloween candy LOL!
One night won't kill them, right?

I am happy to report that not only am I feeling much better, but I was able to get some retail therapy in the form of buffalo check plaid at the fabric store! I came up with the perfect beginner project for this time of year - gift bags for my socks!

Now I need to find the time for that, but at least I have my supplies.

Looks like I should have made that chicken a day earlier, than I would have been able to make the chicken soup the day before I got sick, needless to say, it went into the freezer until I could deal with it and I had canned soup instead :)

Nov 14, 2010

guess I should have done this YESTERDAY! (LOL)

Exciting, I know!

Waiting for garlic to sprout in front bed, onions to sprout in back left bed, accompanied by some cover crop thrown in, leeks & chard in the back right bed

Below is what I love about fall, the ornamental grasses take on a neat glow with the winter sun.
This was the 15 minutes I spent "contemplating" what to do first.

It was quite nice outside, temps around 60º and the sun finally came out after 2 weeks!

Below, I can't remember what this is - some sort of impulse buy, but I do believe it needs to come in the house.

Geraniums were cut way down about 6 weeks ago, and showing lots of new growth so they will be coming inside as well this week. This will be the 2nd winter that I brought this pot inside.

Apparently I haven't been using this chair & patio often enough, the cosmos have claimed it!

The 1st pea blossom of fall! These are the edible podded variety, Oregon Sugar Pod II, I am done with shelling peas, we never get enough to save for winter. I only have one bed of them, but there's only 3 of us so I hope to have at least enough to freeze for winter stir-frys.

Below, cauliflower not doing anything yet... and Brussels Sprouts (yuck!), just growing for some fall height interest in the beds and for the experience? LOL

A little corner of the greens bed is all scallions and parsley, I use this corner of the bed for cooking all winter long! Just seeded some more scallions today. Parsley does EXTREMELY well here all winter, last year I had some parsley that was 3 feet tall and not bolting! Bonus is that I don't have to share it with the Black Swallowtail caterpillars in the fall & winter.

Today's harvest: Pak Choy, Piracicaba Broccoli, Lettuce, a few remaining raspberries, and grabbed some rosemary, thyme, parsley & marjoram for tonight's dinner... I'll find out shortly how many uninvited dinner guests are in the broccolini.

Finn took a photo of me preparing "the bird" tonight - he was up close but I told him "get out of here, nobody wants to look at raw poultry"... apparently he took a photo anyway!

This is the earliest I have ever gotten a seed catalog for the next year. Give me a break, at least for awhile! I threw it on the stack of magazines still waiting to be read from this summer when I was too busy!

See, I really DO have a garden - I'm not a "poser", it's just not doing anything right now. I will be excited when I see more blossoms on those peas, however. It's always iffy in the fall - if it doesn't get too cold we'll have a better crop than spring with no pests or fungus or yucky stuff, but if we get a really cold spell - it was all for nothing. That's what happened last year!

I may have mentioned it, too lazy to look back - but last night we had country fried steak, mashed potatoes (ours!) & gravy and the boys ate like Minnesota farm kids! Each had 2 helpings and 2 glasses of milk. I'm afraid to think what it will be like when they are teenagers.

I purposely withheld snacks today thinking they might do the same tonight and eat some of our fresh broccoli, there isn't much, but I don't expect they would eat more than a little piece.
Tonight is chicken on the rotisserie, rubbed with fresh herbs and garlic, fresh broccoli, and standard box rice... I'm hoping to make chicken soup with all the leftovers tomorrow, a whole bird is kind of overkill for the 3 of us!