right now

right now

Nov 16, 2010

a quickie...

this was how dinner conversation went tonight:

Finn: "Mommy, are you 40 or 50?
Me (snicker-choke): "I'm 40, why?"
Finn: "My teacher wants to know"
Me: "Oh, did she ask all the kids how old their parents are?"
Finn: "No, she just asked me, she wants to know if you are 40 or 50."
Me: ????

Do you think he's fibbing? He swears his teacher asked! LOL...
BTW, his teacher is about 28!


  1. Ack! What the heck? What difference in the world could it make to her? I vaguely remember 28... BTW, I love the pics of your hometown - it makes me wish I had grown up there and never left.

  2. So my question is, this teacher - can you take her? Or let's just hope Finn inserted those numbers on his own at least! :)

    27 at heart forever!

  3. Hmm. Not sure which way to go on this one, but I tend to side with the kid telling the truth, and teacher being annoyingly nosy and blind.

  4. I always tell people I am 10 years older than I really am, that way, most of them, think I look good for my age!

  5. I think his teacher is young enough and dumb enough (naivete?) to ask it. I'll bet she still thinks that 40 (or, gasp!, 50) is WAY old! ;)

  6. Maybe he said something about you being 50 and the teacher thought that was way too old so asked? You look way too young to be 50!

  7. Susan, funny, I couldn't wait to leave - dumb teenager that I was!

    APG, I can take her, no problem...

    Kelly, I dunno... Finn is my little fibber!

    Melissa, that's a good idea!

    Chicken Mama, you may be right! I think I probably am the oldest mom of the kids LOL

    Sparkless, actually, this is very plausible! Not that I look young (I don't) but that she was clarifying, Finn has no clue what he says sometimes!

    @ everyone, I told him to tell her I was in my "upper 50's"! Don't know why, just a random number! If that flies I'm going to send him to grandma's house!

  8. It seems funny to me that the teacher would ask if you were "40 or 50." Seems she would phrase it a little differently, no?

    When I was a teenager I was always taken for older. Like TEN YEARS OLDER. It gave me quite a complex. I felt like I must have looked like an old hag. But I guess I grew into my face somewhere along the line. I just said to my daughter a day or so ago that I can hardly wait to turn seventy because unless I really lose it in the next three years, I'm gonna look damn good for 70!! :o)

  9. That's totally when you say"60, and I look better than she'd ever hope to."

    I once taught my boss's son (I had a part time job at a Harley dealership). I overhead a conversation in class how I must be at least 40 because I hung out with his mom. I was 27-28 at most. Doesn't bode well for me, does it.

  10. Erin, as usual, I have had a great time catching up on your blog.

    I've been in your neck of the woods last weekend, hubby and I had three days at the beach. Once the wind died down, it was pretty nice. Esp. Sunday.

    Sure hope you are feeling better.

  11. Should be rather interesting next time you run into the teacher. Can I watch????