right now

right now

Feb 18, 2011

Flying solo again!

 Hubby left this afternoon... I had him doing all sorts of chores and even had him get a load of mulch in the trailer and park it next to the garden - and then I realized that he was leaving on a hiking trip, not deployment - so I basically had him do a months worth of chores to prepare me for 4 days of him being gone!  LOL, I don't know any other way...

The computer issue turned out to be an easy fix (macs rule!) I did myself, but it did finally light a fire under me to get my computer backed up.  I've finally purchased backup and have been running it for the past 2 days, should be another 2 days or so and the entire hard drive will be backed up.

 LOTS of stuff getting done the past couple of days.   Temps of 65º yesterday and 76º today has had me outside nonstop, and loving it, I couldn't tear myself away until now!  I did a good job of reminding myself it's only February and not sowing any flower seeds or anything, but I did get lots of planting done!  I checked my calendar, and I sowed peas last year on Feb 10th, it was much colder outside and we had a fantastic crop, so in they went.

Cleaned up all the beds in the small fenced in garden.  The only plants to survive the winter (other than leeks, scallions & garlic) were half of the spinach and the below:

Brussels Sprouts?  LOL, figures they would live through the whole winter... yuck!

Below, felt good to have my caddy along today armed with markers, shims for plant tags and SEEDS!

Below:  back right bed has Oregon Sugar Pod II snap peas, broccoli will go in the front of them when it's time, the back left bed only has brussels sprouts right now, front left bed has another trellis with Cascadia snap peas and carrot seeds, and front right bed contains parsley, scallions, Olympia spinach, Mizuna greens, Mignonette Bronze lettuce, Tango lettuce and mache'.

Signs of spring: pansies planted last fall are coming back to life in some of the beds - I usually plant rows of them between the varieties of onions and garlic.

I was worried that I planted my garlic too late (I did) and that the bulbs would rot before they had time to grow since they are usually about a foot tall going into winter, but here they come, behind the red and yellow pansies.  

Below, all of my artichoke seeds sprouted or are just peeking up, and only took a couple of days - much bettter luck than last year!

Below is hubby's light setup - I laughed when he brought it in and asked him if he thought I was growing  "another kind of plant" since he made the frame so TALL, LOL... good thing I had enough chain to lower the lights and a booster seat for the trays hahaha!  There's only one flat in there now but it will fit 4 flats in it - it's parked in the kids' room, there was nowhere else for it to go!

Here's hubby taking off this afternoon for the annual "Guys Only Winter Hike" on the Appalachian Trail.  The guys come from a 75 mile radius or so, they will all meet after work in Williamsburg and then head out the Blue Ridge Parkway until they get to the trail head and leave the car there and hike in at night tonight.  Although I love hiking, I'm not jealous - I want no part of this nonsense:  you should see what gets packed for the guys only trip!  Survivalist homemade pop can camp stoves, 10 different ways to "make fire", flasks of scotch, cigars, they are probably going to shoot and eat squirrels LOL... whatever... he even used my sewing machine to make himself an ultralight hammock to sleep in.  One of the last things he said was how this nice weather was going to put a damper on the fun hiking in the cold, wet, snowy trail - yes, he's happiest in "survival mode"!  I sent him with my camera so I expect some good photos when he gets back, that is if he doesn't turn it into some kind of snare trap or firestarter.  

Me?  I'm going to light a few candles on the back deck and enjoy a glass or two of wine and the lovely 60º evening we are in for!  I'm hoping for the energy to work on the quilt after the kids go to bed, but after the full work day I've had outside I'm not sure that will pan out!  I'm hoping to get some sweet pea seeds into the ground tomorrow...

Feb 16, 2011

just a little glitch...

...or a BIG glitch if you are a mac fan and are familiar with the "sad mac" face or the "chimes of doom".  I am having issues with my mac for the first time in 20 years and may be on borrowed time right now!  Just a quick note to say "I'm still alive and well"!

Very busy here this week, good weather for outside work such as pulling weeds, burning debris and getting the yard ready for spring.  The seedlings are coming along nicely, although still in their little cells for the time being.

Still quilting every chance I get as the one I'm working on has a birthday deadline of the end of February.  The computer issues have put my quilting in the back seat for the day however, the computer definitely takes priority!

I'll be spending the rest of the day backing up files and then tomorrow doing a reinstall that will hopefully fix the issue.  Mac's are known for being pretty user friendly to troubleshoot and repair, however I'm worried about backing up the thousands of photos I have before I do something stupid while reinstalling LOL, it's usually user error with these :)

Still keeping up with all your blogs on my hubby's little pathetic netbook, but I can't blog on it!  No photos today because I need to keep all the extra riff-raff/non essential cables off the computer.

Wish me luck, I'm going to need it!