right now

right now

Oct 4, 2011

Another first -

My 1st sweater!  It might not be perfect, but I'm really happy with it anyways.  He wanted a surfing type pullover for the beach, this is the closest I could come.  I substituted cotton yarn for the stuff called for in the pattern because this needs to be absorbent around water as well as easy wash & dry for playtime, bike riding, etc...

for anyone interested, I used the following:

100% cotton Sugar n'Cream self-striping yarn (cheap at $1.99 a skein!)
Pattern is Lion Brand "Kids to Adult Hoodie" (free download)

Notes ** I substituted the above yarn and used sizes 7 & 9 needles and the pattern written for Child-Large with my substitutions fit the 6 year old boy with room to grow.  

Oct 3, 2011

SUN.... available as a limited time offer!

Hurry before this sun offer expires! 

Seriously, we are going on something like day 14 of rain.  This past weekend we saw the sun for a few hours each morning before the showers started, enough to get the lawn mowed, and (drumroll, please) I finally got my garden cleaned up of all traces of summer's dead stuff!


Now I'm ready to get some lettuces and garlic in there, just as soon as it stops raining again :).  

One really nice thing happened on Friday night, we had a big wind/rainstorm sweep in and we dropped a good 20º in the span of an hour and we are now really enjoying fall temps, for real this time.  We went from highs in the mid 80's all last week to highs in the mid 60's this weekend, very welcome, as my electric bill really NEEDS a month off. 

Below are the very last of the peppers, I promise this time!  I know this because I actually pulled every single plant out there, so there is actually no veggies of any kind out there right now except some green onions and chives.  I should have been better about getting some fall stuff in earlier but with putting the house on the market I just had my hands full and stress high already.  I have plenty to keep me busy today with chopping and freezing these, and hopefully canning the big basket of Poblanos on the left as roasted Ancho Chiles tomorrow.  I still also have some Butternut Squash that needs to be cubed and pressure canned, as I don't think it will keep for the winter well in our climate with no basement.

Finn took advantage of the few hours of sun to have the neighborhood ladies line up for a little bike maintenance :)

Today, wow - it's still 48º at noon and the dark clouds have rolled back in, so I'll be doing this....

Oh, grid rulers, fabric and math, how I've missed you!