right now

right now

Oct 27, 2012

Stuff It, Sandy!

We're Ready... 

This marks the first year that I haven't needed to go to the store for anything before a storm!  I've always been pretty prepared, but have always felt the need for last minute stuff but no longer, this is a big accomplishment.  That didn't stop me however, from heading out to People Watch... I'm continually amazed at the mentality of some people, as well as the complete inability to "think outside the box".

Random observations:

Lines and parking lots that rivaled Black Friday at WalMart - I didn't even need to go in, the news showed me the photos of empty shelves and people that are desperate for water and "necessities".

On a whim (as I drove past a WalMart) I went into the Office Max across the street from WalMart.  Empty store and whaddaya know?  Shelves FULL of batteries and flats of water LOL

I went into a Kmart today, just to check it out... the camping aisles were completely empty, even sleeping bags LOL, where are people going, the KOA?  Shelves with tags that read Lanterns $49.99, 29.99 etc - empty.  Yeah, the kind that take canisters of fuel that people won't be able to find anywhere.  I headed into housewares where they still were full of hurricane lamps and "oh, look at that, 32 oz bottles of paraffin oil on sale for $1.99"!  LOL so even though I didn't need any more you better believe I bought them all, bahahahaha!  We won't talk about people freaking out because there is no bread anywhere yet we still probably have 24 hours left with power and the shelves were chock full of flour and yeast :)

I figured we could always use another grill lighter yet there were none at Kmart, so now I'm having fun with my challenge and stopped by a shady convenience store and there were about 6 people in there freaking out over the fact that there was no more cigarettes and malt liquor LOL but behind them glowing were grill lighters and loaves of BREAD!

Outside the box, people... stay the heck away from Walm@art!  

So, we are as ready as we'll ever be, generator to run the well pump for showers, lamps and oil, Kindle charged, knitting at the ready, lots of food storage, means to cook it outside, 6 gal containers of water that stay filled with drinking water, and plenty of containers to collect rainwater for flushing if we need it.  The most amazing thing that has definitely not gone unnoticed is that this late hurricane is happening when the temps outside are a fantastic 55-65 degrees - normal years the a/c goes off and we can look forward to 95 degrees, humidity and mosquitoes, so that's the bright side.  Between watching my parents deal with winter storms and pumps freezing over in Minnesota winters and all I've learned from my homesteader/prepper blogger friends I'd say we are more prepared than most, so thank you mom & dad and all of you!

With mommy getting over an illness and daddy dealing with broken ribs, (story for another day)  the boys have really learned how to pull their own weight a little more in moving and securing items and just helping in general... it's high time!

To Mom, I have had NO voice for 2 days (the family is enjoying that) so you will just have to believe me, we're safe!  I hope all my friends up in the northeast are having their preparations come together well and that you come through with little damage.  I look forward to hearing all your reports, see you on the other side!  Looks to be pretty crazy from the hurricanes we are used to, this thing is still 500 miles or more away from us and our surf is intense already and having high wind gusts, it just feels different - so get ready!