right now

right now

Jan 17, 2012

Where's my catalogs?!!

Everyone is getting their garden porn except me! (she says with a whine and stomping feet!) Where, oh where are you Baker Creek Catalog I covet so this time of year?   Look below, it's pathetic this year: on the top of the photo are the tons of what I call the "junk" catalogs, and below that, only 2 have arrived that I look forward to for real inspiration and ordering.  

Needless to say, I hopped online and actually requested a copy of the Baker Creek catalog.  Their site says if you haven't received one by now and are a regular customer, they apologize and please re-order, so if you are one who relies on that catalog for your "adult entertainment" and haven't gotten it yet, you aren't alone :)

In lieu of vegetable seed art, I present you with this lovely:  there's really nothing better than a lamb gyro smothered in tzatziki and feta, mmmmmmm!

Look fast before I delete it, a photo of me!  I just had to show off one of the awesome scarves I got for Christmas!  This one was made by hubby's sister and the colors are divine, and I'll have to post another photo one day of the gorgeous twist cowl my other SIL knitted for me, I'm a lucky girl this year, handmade gifts are the best, and I hope we have enough cold days so I can enjoy them!

Random:  A boy and his dog...

Note to self: more RED peppers need to be harvested this coming summer!   Don't you feel bad for the lone red pepper in that stir fry?

I don't really want to start making lists and ordering until I get those few catalogs that I always wait on, but I finally got out "The Famous Binder" and am ready to dig in and start inventory!

I keep a planting calendar with notes every year, something is telling me with the way the climate has been the past year I should just burn it, eh?!