right now

right now

Mar 17, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

I just realized I haven't posted in many days.  It's the weather's fault!  It has been raining and cold nonstop for 5 days and I didn't even venture outside until today.  I snapped a couple of photos and retreated back into the warm house!  I have a couple of bulbs drowning in the mud and count it...ONE pea sprouting!

So this weekend was a bust, and to top it off, both the kids and I were sick with a cold!  At least we picked a good time to be sick, and lounging in front of the TV and reading didn't leave me feeling like I was being lazy since it was pouring outside!  The good news is that all my seedlings are cooking right along under their lights, about 2 sets of leaves on them now. Of all the tomatoes, the Heirloom Black Krim is by far looking to be the fullest, fastest growing variety, so I highly recommend that one if you are looking to start from seed.  They were slow to germinate but made up for that very quickly, surpassing all the others.  The Black Krim seeds came from Baker Heirloom Seed Co. this year.  I highly recommend getting a copy of their catalog, it is eye candy for a gardener during the cold winter/spring months! 

I forgot an update about the pasture raised bacon we ate the other night from Full Quiver Farm....DELICIOUS!  Hands down the best we have ever had, and worth every penny!  That's all I've got for now...so I will leave you with some photos of the "Garden Dogs".  These are my gorgeous Aussie girls...

Sprocket (as in Spacely), 11 months                

Marley, age 6