right now

right now

Jul 24, 2012

"Little Mockers" and other things...

We have a new addition!

note the evil feather-horns indicating future personality!

I'm sure most of you know by now my fondness for our longtime resident mockingbird "Mockers" - this year I was able to get a close up photo of the little one!  Even though Mockers was dive-bombing my head the whole time and attack-swooshing my hair with her feathers I was determined to get a photo.  Hubby and kids were huddled together on the porch looking scared but I just love Mockers' antics, and I'm not afraid of her relocating because of my interference, she knows me well :)  I even feed her mealworms in an attempt to stop the attacks but to no avail!  I have a thing for animals with a nasty disposition so it's all fine with me.  

Other happenings... Jody you were right, I had another 40 lbs of tomatoes waiting for me as soon as I finished canning that big harvest last week!  There will be no rest for awhile...

Yesterday's harvest:

the B.L.T. dinner didn't make a dent of course so I spent the rest of the day yesterday canning sauce -

I could eat those every day, so yummy!

I'll spare you the tomato sauce canning photos, but here's a strange situation this year...

I think I'm allergic to tomato seeds stuck to my feet!  Don't laugh, I'm serious!  Never happened before, but this year every time I'm squeezing tomatoes (and we know that mess gets everywhere), if I get tomato seeds stuck/dried to my feet or legs I break out in a rash!  At first I thought it was mosquito bites from harvesting, but hubs has been doing all the tomato harvesting for my last few canning adventures, I didn't even go out there.  And get this... hands, arms, face, etc is not bothered, only my feet LOL.  I've been slathering old school calamine lotion on and it does the trick but last night I went to run an errand and looked down to find that I left the house looking like that - ok, now you can laugh!  Anyone else ever had a reaction to tomato seeds?  I think bean leaves are the only other thing that really bothers me, but I know that one is common.

This is what is going on right now...

New heat pump for the rental!  That's an expensive stress reliever but it's such a relief knowing the system is new going into the upcoming deployment.  That just leaves water heater explosions, well pump issues and car trouble as the next deployment challenges :)  It's supposed to be 107º today and these guys have to work outside and in the attic where the air handler is, can you imagine?  Must be about 125º up there, they certainly earn their pay.  I will keep them in cold water and popsicles today!