right now

right now

Mar 6, 2013

For the Family!

This is the 3rd time I have tried to publish this... our winds are being clocked here at 67 mph!  Taking power hits and hoping my internet stays long enough to post.  I sure hope you friends farther inland and north"er" than us are doing okay with this storm, it's just wind and rain here, no snow.  Stay safe!

I've been meaning to get these videos up for 2 weeks now. This post is mostly for the family that misses out on the kids' events, one of the reasons technology is so great for military families!  Of course if swimming doesn't bore you to tears, you may enjoy it as well!

I apologize in advance for the loud yelling... it's a pool, they aren't very quiet places :)

We will start off how every good American sport should... with our National Anthem!

Please forgive me for straying sometimes from the lane I'm focusing on, I am also a Stroke & Turn judge so while I'm filming I'm actually having to judge 4 lanes of swimmers on technique - I actually never get to watch my own kids swim at the meets because of this, so I requested to have the lanes where they were swimming this time.

Finn 25m Freestyle

Finn 50m Backstroke, 2nd place

Loch - 25m Freestyle
(he is 2nd in from the right, ignore my dyslexia in the video)

Loch - 50m Backstroke - 1st Place
-what kills me here is look how slow he is, even in 1st place... imagine how fast he could be if he could swim against faster kids and not stop and do his hair and makeup at the turns LOL

This was the last meet of the season, so they do a "Coaches Relay", the kids love seeing their coaches race!  Funny thing you will notice, our team only has 3 coaches instead of 4 so for the second swimmer they subbed in an 8 year old kid!  Although they were last in this video during the 6-8 year old meet, they did the same race again an hour later with the 10-12 year olds and again subbed in a kid and took 4th place.... shame, shame on the coaches in 5th and 6th LOL!

I saved the best for last... check out the oncoming lifeguard as we were leaving...

I may be showing my age here but...

all I could think of was...


Quick "Deal" Alert!

Right now Amazon has the Hunger Games Trilogy Kindle edition for $5... yes that's 5 bucks for all 3 books.  Now is a good time if you have been holding out!  These usually don't last long, 12-24 hours so get it quick!


Mar 5, 2013

Tick - tock!

I'm waiting on the mail to start my seeds!  I did (of course) put in two seed orders, I know - I said I didn't need any, you know how that is!  The first order came already but I'm waiting on my Baker Creek order and then the flats will be started.  The hubs has to hang lights for me in the kitchen this year but that will only take him a few minutes.  Every year those darn flats seem to migrate around and this time they are going to be right in the middle of my kitchen, ugh.  Oh well, the alternative would be to not start seeds and buy plants myself and where is the fun in that?!

I have been sick, sick, sick the past 10 days.  Yuck and yuck.  Nothing that newsworthy but it was the worst cold I can remember, lost my voice for about 5 days and even though the sick has left,  I feel like I got hit by a truck energy-wise.  It's better every day though, and by the time this big storm we are supposed to get the next 3 days moves through I should be ready to get my gardening butt in gear.  

I haven't gotten any yard cleanup done yet, it's been pretty cold here and every nice day we have temperature wise has been accompanied by rain and mud.  Soon enough I'll be able to get out there but I feel like I have my work cut out for me more than ever this year.  It's a mess.

For now, just planning the garden and imagining how it will look once spring cleanup is done!  Until then, I have to wear these blinders Loch made...

And mom... I will have a post up with the boys' swimming videos soon!