right now

right now

Mar 15, 2012

Ready or Not!

I am completely overwhelmed and swamped with non-garden stuff this week but wanted to check in - it's 87º today and I'm too busy with other stuff to even get outside!  Ugh, just as well as that's way too hot for me.  What happened to the period of nice 60º temps to do chores in without sweating?  

Ready or not, things are happening!

Put on your squinty eyes, that's lettuce!  I'm not very good with seeding this stuff, I just fling it in and thin it later :)

Spinach - but yikes it was 80 yesterday and we broke a record of 87º today, maybe Virginia is skipping spinach weather this year?

Self seeded Cilantro below, in MARCH?  LOL...

Onions peeking up...

Irises peeking up...

Fountain grass has late April growth already, time to cut them all down.  I've only gotten to this one so far, the rest are still 7 ft high and have birds nests in them - time to vacate!

Mazus is attracting the bees already.  This ground cover is AMAZING if you can get it, spreads very quickly and the little flowers look like butterflies!  Flowers last all season too...

Some herbs that wintered over this year in a pot -

After planting those 108 pansies last week...

this is what I have left... 

I'm not sure who is the villain here, but tonight I'm leaving the window down on the screen door to these deck pots so Sprocket can alert me!  I have a feeling it's the one squirrel we have that constantly is brave enough to sit on the railing and taunt the dogs.  Left flowers all over the place and just ate the stems!  Yes, I said "the one squirrel"... can you believe that they really aren't that common here?  It took me a few years to even notice that I never saw them... it was only when I DID see one that I realized I hadn't for several years!  Instead we have disgusting creatures like Nutria, Copperheads and Water Moccasins - I sure won't miss those when we move someday :)

Mar 12, 2012

Sorry, kids!

As soon as the school bus gets here, I'm going to hear a lot of "oh, mo-ommmmm"!

Yes, it's that time of year again.

Simple math eluded me yet again this year, or is it that I choose to ignore the amount of real estate that "only 2 little flats" morphs into? The kids' stuff just got literally kicked to the other side of their room, and I stole their Lego table, nothing they haven't dealt with before, but square footage is precious here!

I'm only half way done with repotting ...

Is there a good reason for needing at least 32 tomatoes and at least 12 jalapeno plants among all the other?