right now

right now

Apr 28, 2012

me - speechless?

21 pounds picked...

...all processed into various forms, with 1/2 gallon of fruit puree I haven't decided what to do with.  Kitchen has been cleaned, hubby is making dinner and I'm going to collapse on the couch in a strawberry coma.  Details to come later.

Take note, it's not often I am this speechless :)

Apr 27, 2012

End of April Garden, lots of pics!

Windy as heck here, but I'm back in the garden at least!  Perfect temps for working, about 64º.  I spent the day pretty much fixing what the wind has toppled, checking on the tomatoes and "planning" for tomorrow's planting.


No, that's not the way I planted that LOL.  Wind?  Voles?  I don't know but one big root was still attached, the rest look like they were cut - hmmm...  Ground Apples, anyone? 

Ugh, I feel like I'm the only one who sees Lamb's Quarter as a weed LOL... no I did not plant that...

Remember my elation that my Artichokes were finally coming back every year?  See that nice one behind Finn?

Yeah, don't worry, this year it's the same end result - dead.

I was meaning to kill that anyways.  :(

But, gardening is like raising livestock sometimes, every now and again you will have to bring out the dead.  

I can't feel depressed for long however, because there is so much that is good in the garden!


I normally don't see these blooms until early June!

Chives looking as pretty as - well, chives.

Happy Dance!  Finally a root VEGGIE (that's for you, Susan) that grows well here at the beach!  My first year with turnips and I am so excited, even more so because I tried so hard to like radishes the way I did when I was younger, but hate 'em now - but love turnips!

Picked a bunch, I sense a roast pork loin tonight!

Lettuces are really producing now

No more fear of decimating them for a salad!

Turnip & Lettuce Bed

The area off the deck is ready for the hummingbirds a bit early this year.  Catmint & Salvia are already in full bloom.  Purple Homestead Verbena has self seeded vigorously all over the yard and is amazing this year.  If you look carefully in the foreground of the Hollywood Juniper, you will see the normally 4 ft tall Verbena has risen to 6 ft so their little purple heads can get some sun, and it's only April!

Tomorrow is a huge day, it's strawberry picking day, hopefully jam canning day, and direct seed day.  The strawberry fields are open way early this year and I need to get my fill.  Last year was awful, the berries came ready and it was already in the upper 90's in May and picking was torture.  Tomorrow should be in the mid-60's and cloudy and I'll have the whole family's hands to help.  Bummer that the berries will be done by the time the annual Strawberry Festival comes around over Memorial Day weekend, but I'm just glad the farmers are only dealing with an early harvest and not a bust.  Will also be seeding all the summer squash, cukes & beans tomorrow, I hope!  If you don't see a post it's because I'll be in a back brace on the couch :)

Apr 26, 2012

3rd Grade Research

I'm still waiting for the rain to subside so I can get into the garden, I can't complain though since we went from fire restrictions and drought to 5 days of rain, and it's been the nice steady slow rain that is so good for the plants.  I'm eager to get out there and check on the tomatoes and peppers, we had several nights in the low 40's, not good for them.  Today it is supposed to get to 80º and then highs more seasonable the rest of the week in the upper 60's.  

Until I can get some photos of the garden, I'll post the cool school projects that are resulting from the field trip last week to the National Zoo in D.C.  The kids had actual "research assignments" up in D.C. with different groups taking on different habitats to study and wasted no time in recreating them, as they were on display yesterday morning!

The kids have all done a fabulous job - I kind of wish I had time to make one, since it looks like a fun and creative way to spend the day, but I have so many more uninteresting chores to contend with :)

I should have labeled them, but I was pressed for time since I was on my way to go see Loch be recognized for making Principal's List yet again - that means all "A's" on his report card and we are SO PROUD of him!  Still wondering where his real parents are - just kidding - he gets the smarty pants gene from my mom, it skips a generation, bahahaha!  Oh and I got another bumper sticker... now they give out little squares that say "Again" to slap over the original "my kid is better than (insert whatever here).  Clever, LOL.

Not to be outdone, Finn is unleashing his own creativity at home...

We are still discovering where Finn's talents lie, as you can see below.  We had a "talent night" where we asked the Cub Scouts to show the other boys "something interesting" LOL... Finn chose to show the boys how to tie a tie... I'm not sure if the boys were impressed or holding in their laughter!  The reason Finn doesn't wear a uniform is that he isn't old enough for our den yet - our Cubs call him their "mascot" :)

Just to make sure my post is sufficiently random, here's a stir-fry fix for Mama Pea!  Still working on lots of peppers, beans and snow peas in the freezer...

It looks like the sun is starting to creep out, so hopefully I will get some end-of-April garden photos this afternoon!  

Apr 25, 2012

Sugar Rush!

Bear with me as I post yet more non-gardening photos.  It was COLD here and we had downpours all weekend into Monday so there wasn't anything going on in the garden, except some very cold tomato & pepper plants.  It was 43º here this morning, very odd for us at this time of year.  So far this week has been really busy with Loch's class stuff and Cub Scout stuff so I'm just now getting around to recapping the weekend!

So you want to see some of the cakes that showed up at the Cake Auction/ Youth Fundraiser the other night?  They were all amazing!  This is only a small portion of them, lots more showed up after I snapped pics and there were creme pies galore coming out of the fridge too!

How cute are the centerpieces?!  It was a Friday Fish Fry, so the youth jumped on that theme and did these as well as served up the dinner to all the guests.

 ... yours truly did the one below, courtesy of Mama Pea's recipe!  It went for $36, and there was quite a bit of bidding on it :)  Mama Pea, I was cornered in the hallway Sunday morning with the winning bidder gushing about how good it was, her and her hubby looked about 5 lbs heavier on Sunday, just kidding :)

lots of berries making appearances -

Below was some kind of apple/sour cream/praline concoction with caramel frosting that I heard was amazing!  This one I think might have gone for near $40.

photos of the youth serving up dinner to the crowd, just about everyone here brought a dessert to auction so I think we made a decent amount for the kids' summer camps!

Finn's Sunday School teacher made this one and it definitely had kid appeal - Finn made me bid like crazy but we got it!  :)

Speaking of going for the kid bids - BRACE YOURSELF ...


are you sitting down?

better yet, it ended up at our table!  (but it didn't go home with us LOL!)  My friend bid this one like crazy and paid $60, awesome for the kids, and bonus since she has a friend  who had a birthday the next day!

Friday Fish Fry, Friends and Sugar Bombs, great way to spend the evening!  :)

I've got one more post I'll put up with some other kid classroom things going on, then it's back to talking plants and gardens!  (well, for the most part!)