right now

right now

Sep 3, 2009

I'm Back!

I have been playing hooky from the blog for the past week, but I'm back now! My husband's sister and her husband came to visit from Phoenix and stayed 4 days with us, it was great to see them! The kids absolutely love having someone new to torment, lol! Just kidding, but it was great having someone else entertain the kids for a few days and give me a much-needed break - thanks, guys!!! We were able to go fishing one day, although our night fishing by a full moon plans were shot down by 25 knot winds and blowing sand. My husband caught an interesting creature that is definitely worthy of clicking to enlarge:

Blowfish caught in the Atlantic Ocean. His mug was so ugly he was cute!!!!

The next day we decided to be tourists in our own hometown! We headed down to the Boardwalk to show them the sights and grab an obligatory ice cream. Super blustery wind and skies but no rain! I had the bright idea to park at the Virginia Aquarium near our house and ride "The Beach Trolley" down to the boardwalk to avoid any parking issues, but that idea had issues of its own... first the trolley didn't even slow down to notice there were people waiting to get on at the stop, then after my husband ran out to flag her down, she was incredibly rude! We ended up waiting for the next one, and then were promptly accused of being "New Yorkers", lol! I guess the fact we called out the previous driver on her people skills and probably talk too fast for the native southerners made her think that. Of course I told her that "no, I'm from HERE"! This driver just talked in circles without being able to make her route intelligible. I had asked a simple question: "Do you go to the Oceanfront?" (this is only 1/2 mile from where we were standing, by the way). Anyways, 15 minutes later we were able to enjoy our walk! I told my husband that the City/Resort Tourism employees should wear t-shirts that say "Welcome to Virginia Beach, now get lost!" I would write a letter except that they would probably just blacklist me and raise my property taxes, lol!

Finnegan & Daddy having some male ice cream bonding time on the boardwalk!

The day ended on a high note though, the weather cleared a bit and we were able to enjoy our last night together with L & M by steaming a pot of local seafood and enjoying some cold brews. We put together a dinner of steamed shrimp, oysters, clams, sausage & potatoes, lamb kebabs, and some jalapeno corn bread.

Everyone except me, of course!

We were so thankful to have them here, sometimes we feel forgotten stuck so far away from family so this was a much appreciated visit from them! We did make them bunk (literally in bunk beds) in the kids' room so not sure if they feel the same, lol!

On the garden front: fall is coming fast! The past several days has been in the lower 70's so I am LOVING the weather. The tomatoes appear to have stopped production so we will probably be ripping them out tomorrow and cleaning up the raised beds so I can start putting in some more fall things. I sent my sister-in-law out to harvest jalapenos and she took a big bag home to Phoenix, but there are still over 100 more to be picked and show no signs of stopping!

I picked up my Master Gardener Training Manual today and am soooo excited to start classes next week! My husband's schedule was changed yet again and now he is leaving next week so if I can't line up a sitter for my youngest, I will have to quit the program, so keep your fingers crossed for me. I am hoping everything will work out...I am really looking forward to being in class with adults and studying again!

Here's the manual, yay!!