right now

right now

Dec 15, 2011

Fa la la la la.....

So does everyone have this new blog interface-thingy?  Not sure if it self destructed on me for not being an every-day blogger this winter or if we are all in the same boat?

Anyway, looks like once again Loch is picking up the slack for me gardening-wise...

They have tons of greens coming in at his after-school project garden, radishes and a few other things as well.  He's been keeping us in collards, a myriad of "Choys" along with what looks like to me to be Deer Tongue lettuce.  The kids there are really showing an interest in it all, it's quite refreshing to see all their enthusiasm!

What do I say?  That's exactly what it looks like, a goat in the school cafeteria :)  

The reason for the goat was that Loch's garden club had a day of what I would refer to as "Goat paraphernalia".  There was plenty of fiber, spinning and knitting projects for them to look at, as well as some of the different products we get from their milk.  The kids got to make some quick felted soaps as well.

Even though this is Loch's gig, I knew Finn would enjoy it so I got him over there early enough that he could revel in the goat paraphernalia.  Yep, goats - fiber, cheese, soap and cuteness -what's not to love?!

On to my holiday stress story - I'll tell it once just to "purge it" so it won't ruin the rest of my week stewing on it!  This was the first year I have done layaway for Christmas.  I was really excited to pay cash, not credit for the kids' gifts this year so I could truly enjoy the day without fearing bills and interest piling up.  I was a smart shopper and put their stuff on layaway way back in October while everything was still in stock.  I paid every 2 weeks and today was very excited to pay if OFF completely and bring the stuff home to wrap.  (BTW this is the Navy Exchange, our on-base dept store/mall).  I pay it off and the girl goes "in the back" to get it.  She's gone for 20 minutes.  Comes back, says "we can't find it" and proceeds to go out into the store and try and recreate my order from the receipt.  She comes back, stacking a bunch of stuff on the counter that really doesn't come close to what I bought!  Of course none of the stuff is in stock (we're talking Legos, so many of you know that not just any Lego set will do when your kids have been dreaming all year of that one particular set!)  I then insist that they find my stuff, and proceed to settle down in a chair in customer service ready for the long wait.  She leaves again with another gal.  Meanwhile, there is a line of at least 12 people in uniform behind me, all waiting to pay off and pick up their holiday layaways, and all are starting to freak out that their stuff might be lost, too (imagine guy 2 people behind me with a diamond ring on layaway!).  Girl comes back and says "well we just have so much stuff back there that we can't locate it", AND THEN JUST LOOKS AT ME, as if I'm going to say "oh, okay, bye!".  Ha!  They then page a guy from the Garden Center - enter 19 year old guy - who proceeds to go through those big scary doors "to the back"... awesome kid returns in 6 minutes with all my stuff in his hand!  He should definitely make the nice list this year, makes me wonder how hard the other gal even tried, oh and they had someone else's name of my stuff, too, lovely!  Ok, end rant.  :)  You know I need to have a good rant at least once every 5 months or so just so you know it's the same blogger writing on here :)

Thank you for listening to that, I was eager to purge so I can get back to enjoying what this holiday is really all about, and luckily there is no more shopping to do so I'm hoping for smooth sailing from here on out!  I hope the rest of you are having a relaxing and enjoyable week, darn commercialism is always what gets in the way, isn't it?  Funny thing is that material stuff always presents the worst kind of stress.  Other stressors, the stress of traveling, possible dysfunctional holiday dinners with family, kids fighting or over tiredness caused by too much excitement - those stresses are the good kind, because it means you are celebrating with family and friends, whatever that entails LOL!  I'm wishing you all nothing but "good" stress this week :)