right now

right now

May 15, 2012


So much going on the past few days, but most of it good!

Friday was set-up day for the Spring Master Gardener Plant Sale so that meant...

Yay!  I finally got to evict the dozens of basil plants that we've been tripping over!

I could harvest 1 lb of lettuces a day and not deplete the garden now which is awesome, because I still had a few more teacher gifts to put together.  I didn't have enough turnips this go-round so with the bags of mixed lettuces I tied herb bouquets each with chives, parsley, oregano and sage.  I also had plenty of scallions ready to go.  I love doing gifts from the garden since they are always different depending on the time of year and harvest.

Just enough turnips now that we can just have a few for a salad or mixed in with roasted carrots & potatoes.  I won't replant these again until late summer for a fall harvest.

Below is the pepper bed in the foreground with one of the tomato beds in the back, this one has the Brandywines.

Below are the Heirloom Virginia Romas

There are other tomato beds, but I haven't gotten photos of them yet.

Below is a close up of one of the Brandywines

The onions are bolting before "onioning" as usual so I'm picking them as green onions as fast as I can, onions never work out well here, but I can't resist their orderly appearance and keep planting them :)

New things are arriving daily!

Summer Squash is up, now where are those Squash Bugs?!

and below, Zukes...

 I have never grown them believe it or not, since they still seem to show up in my kitchen from random people LOL...  suddenly this year I have the urge so local folks beware and lock your car doors.

Finally, heirloom Lazy Wife Greasy Beans

I'm growing a few types of greasy beans to see which does best for me.  All 3 are local mountain historical varieties.  By the way, they are not "greasy" at all, rather they are so named because the pole beans have a shiny appearance. The Lazy Wife variety is named thus because it grows bunches of pods in clusters which supposedly makes for easier picking.  Hopefully I can minimize the time spent in long sleeves that way since I get horrible rashes from picking beans!

Happy Belated Mother's Day to all!  Can you believe I had to share my day this year since hubby's birthday fell on the same day, ha!