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right now

Jan 26, 2012

A repeat! The "Seed Binder"...

Some of you remember my seed storage/garden planning system of using a binder I posted about last year.  Since mentioning it again the other day I've had a few requests to know more about it so I'll repost the link below.  

Some things worth mentioning - if you decide this type of storage is for you, purchase the big, repeat LARGE binder with the industrial strength D-rings!  These are only available in office supply stores, they are commonly used for large items like catalogs and such.  I've wasted money twice on the "regular variety large ones" and they fell apart and ruined pages every time it was opened.  Since blowing the big bucks (about $15 I think) on this big one a couple of years ago that problem was solved, and there's always room for more it seems.  Also, unleash your inner teenage girl and decorate it!  I love cutting out photos from the Baker Creek catalog to put all over the cover and spine.  Kind of like an adult version of a tween Trapper Keeper LOL!  Part of the reason this works well for me is that I keep it on my bookshelf right by the couch, so it's pretty temperature and humidity steady, I wouldn't keep it in a shed or garage, for instance.  

In an ideal situation of course I would prefer a sealed vault with air and temperature controls, but for my tiny space and matching tiny budget, this has worked pretty fabulously for about 4 years now.

Okay, for those that wanted to know more about it, read the Seed Binder post here!

Warm, in the 60's today, but rain moving in this afternoon through the weekend, looks like a catalog & planning weekend here...


  1. Good heavens! I have a box to comment in!!! I haven't been able to leave you a comment for ever so long, dear friend. I wonder if I can today because I'm the first on to comment? WHO KNOWS??! I've hesitated trying the Google Chrome install to correct my blog problems because every time I do a new install, something else goes wonky in my system. Kind of a no-win situation! But so, so frustrating.

    Our weather has shot back up into the 30s which means melting of the little snow we have and icy back up again every night. Not nice.

    I'm getting so excited about gardening again this spring, I'm almost not missing the snow that I love so much.

    Glad you've had the chance to get out and do some garden work 'cause I know you love it so much and it's not really work work!

    If you don't hear from me in a while again, know I'm still reading but have that piece of duct tape over my mouth! Sending hugs to all of you.

  2. Come up here and organize my world, will you??????
    I love your binder. I think it's the best way to organize. So did I do this last year? No. Why? Let's not get into it. Stupid. Lazy. Whatever. But, I'm now BOOKMARKING that post. And I will look at it daily and maybe NEXT YEAR I'll be able to report that I am now "with it"!
    Your weather sounds divine. If I can't have my snow, I'd take 60's..................

  3. That binder is awesome! You are the seed organizer Queen.
    I may have to do a smaller version for myself this year.

  4. I love the idea of cutting out photos from seed catalogs and decorating it. What an awesome idea!

    1. Hope this doesn't come out pink too!can't wait to start viewing your garden antics again,they are so fun to watch. I guess you should enjoy the weather while its hot because when you come home to MN,you know what to excerpt. But yesterday on the news they were saying some parts of MN,might be changed to zone 5 instead of 4 ,,I'm talking 20 years down the road [ when Finn and Lock are bringing you home grand children,but don't hold your breath ,for the zone 5 I mean!

  5. What I can't find are the pages to hold the seeds. I have been looking for those for a year now. I guess maybe with the digital age they are just not so common anymore. I can only find baseball card size pages, so my seed packets are folded up, and this only works for the smallest of seeds. :/

  6. I had already put together a binder before last year, but it wasn't working very well. Your tips helped me make it better, with the 4" by 6" pocket photo pages you can find at Staples or WalMart. That worked, and I filled the pages and the whole thing sat on a shelf well and stored everything. Everytime my husband got into it, though, he forgot to hold the book upright and everything fell out. This year I made it better with plastic 8 1/2 by 11" envelopes with a velcro fastening flap and three hole flap that will fit into my binder rings. I trimmed off the three hole flap on the old pages and just slipped them into the envelopes by type. Now they stay put, no matter how you tilt the book, and slip in and out easily. Thanks for the start on a better organizing system. It's already getting a workout this year as I make up my seed order. Still don't have the Baker Seed catalog in hand yet! They promised it's on it's way!

  7. Mama Pea nice to see you commenting again!

    Sue, Sparkless & meems, It sure has helped speed things up once I do get around to planning!

    Still pink, Judy.... LOL

    Kelly, they are becoming hard to find but some craft stores have them in the scrapbooking section and you can usually always find them at places like Office Max

    Trailshome, i've never had to open mine standing up, mine must fit tighter in the slots, i just open it normally on my lap or table like a book. You did bring up a good point, I neglected to mention that I also use some other sizes in there as well, along with some clear pencil pouches, one for my ruler and colored pencils and another labeled "old seeds" that has a mixture of "iffy" stuff that I'm not quite willing to part with yet :)

  8. Wow, Erin! That is one beautiful system! After I've been gardening for a while longer, I'm sure I'll find out what would be handy, but for now my seeds are sealed in a container and in the back of the fridge. Where did I get that idea? I don't know. Is it even a good place for them? I don't know. LOL! I do know that I've found that a garden diary would be very helpful, so I plan to keep those notes in my homestead diary entries too.

  9. Erin,
    I have follower your Blog for the longest time (do not remember if I have ever made a Comment or not) and I stole your idea of the binder last year! Works great for me! Still waiting for "Bakers Creek Catalog" to order seeds for this year.
    As we live in about the same area (me outside Ahoskie N.C.), I have wanted to meet with you and talk "Gardening" for the longest time, but work schedule has not allowed that. Maybe some day! Come on over to worms-a-crawlingfarm.blogspot.com and see how the worms are doing!

  10. Good advice on not settling for cheapo binders!

    I'm a gardener too & have been looking for a binder product to store my seeds in. The company I work for has developed a kit to help us organize our seeds and more!

    You can see our seed organizer binder kit at:


    I've been using this binder & can assure you that the rings are not cheap. It is a 2 inch capacity with traditional rivets to ensure strength.

    The best part is the 12 sealable, THICK plastic, splash-proof sleeves. They can hold 48 normal seed packets allowing you to read fronts AND backs! But oversized seed packets will fit in the sleeves too.

    Also included are blank seed envelopes, label stakes, tablet & a poly pocket folder. There are 2 full color imprints to choose from. The back shows the latest USDA zone chart!