right now

right now

Aug 21, 2011

Little of this, little of that...

Wrapping up the weekend in photos mostly!

It was back into the 90's again, so not a whole lot of hard work done, mostly quick chores interspersed with fun!

Stuck inside doing laundry, I decided to contract out the potato digging -

We can always look forward to at least one mutant spud!

The kids found a chewed up looking Army guy hiding in with the potatoes...

Not too shabby of a harvest for a plastic piece of culvert and plain straw!

More frozen bell pepper strips -

Dried tomatoes, we use these like crazy in winter on hubby's pizzas and in hummus.

Finally a trip to the blueberry patch...

After that, we were covered in mosquito bites and too hot for work, so what better place to go than the beach?  We rode our bikes just a mile or so Saturday evening to stick our toes in and take in the salt air. 

Betty's bike bag continues to amaze me at the amount of stuff I can cram into it! (besides my stuff, there's 2 pairs of kids shoes and 2 shirts in there!)

Speaking of Betty...

Today was quiet and nice, thanks to hot temps and thunderstorms.  I was able to sneak away to the fabric store all by myself armed with 50% off coupons, an ideal way to spend a rainy day in my book!

This evening everyone is already asleep, except me of course.  Sleep is highly overrated for me, remember LOL?  Perfect time to work on some knitting...

Yes, those are 3 different projects... knitter's A.D.D.!


  1. Oh, the beach looks heavenly! We're looking at a real vacation to the Outer Banks next summer. It's been too long! Of course, now we have to find chicken sitters!
    I was hoping for some sun dried tomatoes this year but it seemed like my Romas (determinate) mostly bloomed during the heat wave when it was 100+ so I have very few set on... oh well, maybe next year.

  2. Loved the photos---especially betty by the sea!
    One year harvesting potatoes, I found the missing housekeys from 2 years prior! No chewed up army dudes though.......

  3. I'll be glad to get back to the fabric stores now that school has started.

  4. The question is, who planted the army guy and just what did they expect to grow ;) How nice it must be to head off to the beach after a long day. And with a betty bag.

  5. Hope you got a nice amount of rain out of those thunder storms. We did, which means no watering for me this morning, Yeah!

    The beach looks peaceful. Great way to end/start the week.

  6. you better not leave that Betty bag out there lurking all by it self,there are a few people out there called anything red thieves just saying "be very careful" oh theirs Jerry calling for me ,whats to know what I'm laughing about,now I defiantly have to show him Mr. potato head!

  7. I had to come back to sing you a song bbbbummmggg--here goes"By the sea, By the sea ,By the beautiful sea"


  8. That's a great potato harvest. Unfortunately, the straw didn't work out so well for me last year - the mice decided to use it to form a housing coop.

  9. Knitter ADD funny! I tried to knit a few weeks ago. Knots.

    Oh I so love Betty. She is just beautiful. And I never knew bikes could be so! Thanks for the lovely pictures of the beach. It's been too long since I've seen a coast.

    Mutant spuds, that's all we ever get! They all taste the same at least.

    fabric...now yer talkin

  10. I love Betty, too! And I love that mutant spud! A mutant Mickey Mouse! I have been trying to keep myself in check vis a vis the knitting, and have kept it down to 2 WIP. Let's see how long I hold out!

  11. You guys do keep busy! Wish I could stay up late to do fun things like knitting/quilting/sewing/reading but I nearly fall asleep when I sit down at the computer these days to check blogs! One of these days, this remodeling will be done and I'll get back to a more normal life. I can hardly wait. I should be painting tonight but I just don't have the oompf.

  12. Oh blogger, why won't you post my comment to Erin? ACK!! Try again. I'm jealous you were at the fabric store. Alone. With coupons. I'm wondering what little army dude was doing down with those potatoes. I'm happy to know you suffer from ADD as well, because I was thinking it wasn't just a crocheting thing. My husband just doesn't get it. :)