right now

right now

Aug 26, 2011

A little A.D.D. tonight...

-but I think I can manage a whole bunch of random photos from this afternoon/evening!

Line at the Package Store (military for liquor store)!  I picked up some Spiked Iced Tea... I figure if it's warm it won't be as bad as warm beer LOL.  The store was surprisingly well stocked on base, the only thing they appeared to be sold out of was the fixins' for the standard hurricane prescription, Margaritas.  Of course Jimmy Buffet has been playing on every radio station today in between NOAA updates :)

We have lots of pickles to eat up while they are still cold

Made a bunch of sun dried tomato and pepper hummus to go with cheap Trader Joe's beer :)

This is the last of what I could save from the garden, sadly the hot peppers are loaded out there but I didn't even bring them in since we'll be without power for at least a week I expect so I won't be processing them.

Mama Dove's basket was wedged down on the deck behind some heavy planters... fingers crossed, but at least she had no problem settling down there after I moved the basket.

T.V. for the A.D.D. afflicted: check it out - FOUR crawlers, LOL!

Bored, we then decided to bike to the beach earlier this evening...

Loads of boats headed out of the inlet where they were tied up, nothing like waiting to the last minute to get your boat out of the water!

Across the inlet is where the city is still madly trying to disassemble the Surfing Championship stages and scaffolding, and is where the local news crews and The Weather Channel is set up.

On the residential side of the inlet where we are, things were much more relaxed.  Tourists are gone, surf is up and no sign yet of Irene other than a brisk breeze, it's hot, like 94 and really muggy.

Rare photos of us!

The boys practicing to karate chop Irene into submission...

For those that don't know... these are hurricane shutters.

and these are the roll down kind...

Do they think the gate will keep the water out?!

Poor man's hurricane shutters... just as effective, but a real pain in the butt!

Riding home...

Loch and I took a longer ride and were met by our personal taxi!

I stole this off my next door neighbor's FB page.  She is headed west, but still stuck in city limits with the kid and 2 dogs!  I hope she doesn't drink a bunch of water LOL! I'm hoping she checks in soon and says she's arrived at her destination.

We are sticking to our decision and staying here.  City officials are actually recommending that people that are prepared and confident should stay, a bit of a surprising recommendation I think, but we are already at capacity on all exiting tunnels and bridges, and if they issued a city-wide order there would be chaos.  Even with all this traffic, only about 5-10 % of our area is leaving.  That should give you an idea on how difficult it is to leave our area, the few ways out get backed up quick.

We are back home now and taking turns enjoying showers... every hot shower at this point may be our last for awhile!  It's just now starting to get overcast and breezy, but we are still a good 12 hours or so away from the first outer bands of rain I think.  Well, sorry it's still so boring haha, but I hope to check in again in the a.m.!


  1. Please tell me the bikes and that crazy Oz music are on the back burner until after the storm now, k?

    Love the rare pics of you and hubby!

    Been keeping our eyes and ears on the news and I keep saying that's where so-and-so is!!

    Hunker down and stay safe!

  2. Not boring at all, Silly Girl! Very interesting for us in the Midwest to be going through this with you. Does your hubby have to peddle off to work tomorrow? Sure hope not.

    We had lots of wind and periods of dark, sputtering rain this morning and I asked Papa Pea if it could possibly be the effects of Irene. Or was I just experiencing sympathy for y'all out there??

  3. What a great shot of you two in the midst of chaos. How nice that you are so well prepared that you can relax a bit.
    Be careful out there.

  4. APG, no more Toto in the basket, I promise LOL! ... and hey, funny... when thinking about evacuating I pointed to IL and said hey... APG lives there... har har har!
    MamaPea, hubby's home for the weekend I hope, although his phone is going off like crazy!
    Judy, yes, pics of both of us together are rare! That was the idea, to be prepared - I admit to loving storms so when I move away from here I want to have good memories of crazy storms enjoyed because we were "ready" for them!

  5. More tips for those of you that are interested! If you live in an area where you think your generator might get jacked - cable lock it to something, and also if you have more than one car park them gas tank to gas tank so nobody can squeeze in there and siphon your gas... people do crazy things in storms.

    Another one I heard today that was cool - fill your washing machine with ice , Presto - Cooler! Bonus is that the water drains away LOL

  6. Love the picture of you and your hubby. Keep us updated when you can because we are all on the edge of our seats hoping you make it through without damage.

  7. I will hate losing you in the blogosphere.....I hope you are not without power for longer than few days. Mama dove looks content in her new spot. Be well!!

  8. Been thinking about you and your little family all day. I hope that you get more "adventure" than "emergency," but it is good to hear that you are busy with preparations. Be sure to tuck away plenty of fresh water! Keep safe.

  9. Let's not have any more excitement than we're having right now, M-kay? I wonder if Mama Dove would care if she and her basket went into a box or cage and came inside? Probably not a good idea :-(

  10. Sparkless, I'll try - but we lose power very easily here so I know we will be without power hours before the storm hits full force I think.
    Kelly, I'm worried about that 15 inches of rain we are supposed to get... I have no way of covering the dove since it will become a missile in the wind and a tarp is a ridiculous covering in a hurricane LOL
    AGWH, got the water, I just will need power :)
    Gran, I don't think there's any way to catch her and even if I did she'd probably die from stress in a basically one room house with loud kids and dogs! I'm trying my best not to think about her because it is heart wrenching!

    Good news the storm is weakening a bit!

  11. I enjoy a good storm too, tho here on the Oregon coast we don't get ones like you do. Hang on tight for the ride and stay safe.

  12. Why is your power out for so long down there??? We gripe no end if it's out for 3 days.
    Well, good luck!

  13. Great photos of you and your hubby! Looks like you had a nice time. I hope the boys do a good job karate chopping Irene!! Stay safe and keep us updated! I still have a couple of things to do inside ....then we are ready!

  14. Good luck, my friend.

    Never a dull moment for you, is there!?

    Need any books for the Kindle? I can share some with you while you still have access. Email me.

  15. Ruth, it's just starting here, but expected now to kind of be a regular old variety hurricane LOL
    Sue, all our lines are above ground, soil is sand, and there's 1.5 million people in our area, so when the start to restore, they do the areas that will light up the most first, I guess they need that for their ratings LOL... we are a "forgotten" zone around the air station, can't count how many times I see Power trucks driving right by us over the course of several days. The worst was 10 days during Isabel, and a Nor'easter back in 95 we lost power for 12 days.
    Robin, I'll update in a bit... I'm trying to fix the Mama Dove situation right now, hopefully that will go well!
    Ribbit, I'm good I think, but thanks! It's all charged up but I just started a pretty thick hardcover from the library and have another stack nearby :)

  16. Ohhhh, good luck! I love a good storm too, but here in California, we don't get anything near this big. So glad you're a prepper!!