right now

right now

Feb 4, 2011

that's the plan, anyways...

My seeds are all in, and I'm ready to reveal the lineup for 2011!  I did well on the $$ front, but could have saved more money if I didn't have an attack of Heirloom-itis, you know - the sickness that makes you say things like "....I'm just gonna try this one other variety of this..."!  (all are heirloom varieties unless noted)


  • Dill                           stash
  • Cilantro                    stash
  • Genovese Basil        stash
  • Lettuce Leaf Basil   Baker Creek
  • Common Chives      Baker Creek
  • Fennel                       stash
  • Oregano                    stash & Botanical Interests
  • Marjoram                 Botanical Interests
  • Thyme                      stash
  • Giant Parsley           stash


  • Olympia spinach                                 stash
  • Malabar spinach                                  stash
  • Tango Lettuce                                     stash
  • Green Salad Bowl lettuce                   stash
  • Mignonette Bronze heading lettuce   Baker Creek
  • Mizuna greens                                     stash
  • Verte D'Etampes  mache'                   Baker Creek
  • Wrinkled Crinkled cress                    Baker Creek


  • Oregon Sugar Pod II      stash
  • Cascadia Snap               Botanical Interests


  • Golden Wax                           stash
  • Scarlet Runner                       stash
  • Dragon's Tongue                    stash
  • Contender Buff Valentine     Botanical Interests
  • Yard Long beans                    stash
  • Chinese Red Noodle beans    Baker Creek
  • Beer Friend edamame            stash


  • Piricicaba broccoli                         stash
  • Early Purple Sprouting broccoli    Baker Creek


  • Japanese Climbing cucumbers       stash
  • Parisian Pickling cucumbers          stash
  • Solly Beiler cucumbers                  Baker Creek

Carrots  (I giggle every time I say things like cosmic purple stash and Purple Haze stash)!!!

  • Cosmic Purple            stash
  • Purple Haze                stash
  • Little Finger                stash
  • Danvers Half Long     Botanical Interests


  • Purple of Romagna   stash

*unknown variety, saved seed from last year


  • Quadrato d'Asti Rosso bell              stash
  • Jimmy Nardello Italian bell            Baker Creek
  • Jalapeno Gigante  hot                      stash  (yeah, I know.....!)
  • Fish Hot                                            stash
  • Poblano Ancho hot                          Botanical Interests
  • Italian Peperoncini sweet/hot          Baker Creek
  • Sigaretto de Bergamo sweet/hot     Baker Creek


  • Brandywine   stash,                                        Baker Creek
  • Burpee Long Keeper (heirloom variety!)      Baker Creek
  • Hillbilly Flame                                               Baker Creek
  • Yellow Pear                                                    stash
  • Amish Paste                                                   Baker Creek
  • 4th of July (hybrid)                                        stash
  • Orange Wellington (hybrid)                          stash
  • Jake Gyllenhaal - remember that one?  :)     stash

Eggplant (see note)

  • Purple Rain                                                    stash


  • Winter Butternut Waltham                   Botanical Interests
  • Hokkaido                                               stash
  • Gourmet Pie Mix pumpkin (hybrid)     stash
  • Ornamental gourds                                stash

shallots, onions, garlic, scallions were purchased at local feed store and are in the beds now - unsure about potatoes right now...

*new vegetable for this year is squash, I am going to learn to like it!  Missing this year is cauliflower, heading broccoli (too many worms), & radishes (don't like them!)

**note to those who don't like eggplant - I don't much care for it either other than the beautiful blooms BUT... it makes a great trap crop for tomato pests, it's beautiful in the perennial beds, one of the uses I have found is that I bake it and then blend it into my canned tomato sauces, adding creaminess and nutrition without affecting the flavor of the sauce.  New this year... check out the eggplant section of the Baker Creek catalog for a recipe for "Eggplant CAKE"... lmao... that was funny enough to make me want to try it again!

** If anything is listed as "stash" and you want to know the source, just ask, I know where it came from if you are looking for it.  I just wanted to differentiate between what I purchased and what I already had on hand.

Happy Planning, y'all!


  1. I have thinking of trying a short season peanut up here, but hate to waste the space if it fails. I will be watching yours this season. I love boiled peanuts.

  2. Again with the peppers??? Lordy, you are going to be busy! But having a lot of fun, too!
    Can't wait to see it all in pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. Sue can't get enough of them!

    Oh, and broccoli does REALLY well under that gauzy bridal veil fabric---keeps those pesky moths/worms off.

  3. I ordered and now have the Ping Tung eggplant seeds because of that cake recipe. Can't wait to make it. I asked you last yr. for the Jake tomato seeds but because we can't have a real garden, I'll ask another yr. But one yr I must try. :)

  4. Wow, I'm suffering from serious gardener's envy over here. How large is your garden?? If it was up to me, we'd have a lot more veggie beds, but since it's not all up to me (darn) I have to be happy with the beds we already have. Your pepper and tomato list alone has me drooling...

  5. I could have saved some money also if I hadn't asked a blogger I follow ( named Erin ) where to get "Yard Long" beans. That was all I wanted,yard long beans. But after I went to the site she suggested - Baker Creek - I got a case of heirloom-itis myself and ended up spending close to $35.00!! I still don't know what happened!?!? Lol... Actually, I probably got off cheap, because they have so many varieties of good looking and interesting vegetables, that if I had the space, I would have kept on buying! Thanks for the info.

  6. Ooo, looks good. I got my second seed order in today. Maybe I'll have to do a full planting list as well.
    I do wish we could do artichokes here but I don't think we have the season length for it. Of course, I've never tried... no, don't get me started!!

  7. But, Erin, you forgot all about beets. (Ha-ha-ha!)

  8. You list looks great Erin. Some of my favorites and a few I have been looking to try. Lot's of peppers! You go girl.

  9. Jane, the peanuts are a cash crop around here, the key is heat and bad, sandy soil! These get planted right into unamended sandy clay soil.

    Sue, I know! Peppers, schmeppers....

    Tessa, welcome! To tell the truth I don't know how i do it all! It hurts just to think about it! Hubby was deployed last year so I didn't have help and the plantings reflected that. This year I'm counting on his help!

    author, that cake recipe made me laugh so hard.... I was looking for a reason to try them again and there is was LOL!

    Anke, I don't really have that many beds, about 7 and 1 skinny one. I do lots of containers and wooden boxes also that hubby throws together. I dug up the borders of the yard from turf and that's where any squashes go. I have lots of room to expand if I wanted to, but with the house being a duplex I don't want to get too crazy since we want to sell some day. It's all about rotation and squeezing things together!

    Spiderjohn, yes I'm an enabler! Isn't it amazing how you can go on a garden website for one thing and order a bunch?! Make sure you get a catalog from them, it's gorgeous!

    Judy, I can't grow those darn artichokes, either! Mine died last year but I think I should have put them out much earlier, they like to get established when it's about 40-50ยบ. I still have seed left so I'm trying them again, if it works they are perennial so they will go with the ornamentals since they are so big.

    Mama Pea, beets schmeets....! Get back into that quilt studio, you promised!

    Lorie, I'm going to do more of the sweet/hot kind for pickling this year since one of my kids actually likes them... I promise I'm taking it easy on the jalapenos this year, like TWO plants LOL!

    @all about the space, almost all my herbs go on the deck in pots or into the ornamental & perennial gardens, so I don't need bed space for those.

  10. Perfect! I've been meaning to ask you what variety of jalapeno you grow. Now the question is, where'd you get it from?

  11. Kaytee, I've always grown the Gigante Jalapenos, I've gotten them from both Baker Creek and FEDCO... they are EXTREMELY productive plants LOL, one plant will have 20-30 peppers on it at any given time, beware!

  12. Itchy -that's what I am now darn it! Soon, soon...it will be here!

    Very excited to see all your seed choices. So how many of each of those peppers are you planning to plant? Cuz we sure wouldn't want you to run out!!

  13. Oh my! And I thought I was doing so well with just one variety of everything I'm planting except a couple different tomatoes.

    I can't wait to see it all start popping up!

  14. Look at everything you've got listed! Amazing.
    I like the ichiban eggplant. They're not too large and just right for us. We put them in zucchini pie!

  15. Erin, that's an amazing list! I'll try not to be jealous of the fact that you're gardening already...I have about 4 months left before the ground is ready. :( Until then, I'll dream...

  16. Erin... You ARE an enabler. :P You're the one who introduced me to Baker Creek last year, too, only I'm not sure I stopped at $35...! And I really don't have even remotely the space you do!

    The Jake Gyllenhaal tomato? This I must see. I googled and couldn't find anything other than an article on Rotten Tomatoes. :P

  17. I love your line up for this spring! So many good things listed....I'm growing the Jimmy Nardellos again this year. We just loved them!

  18. Nice list! I totally giggled when I read that you are growing Jalapenos. I remember how you were giving those away this summer. LOL.

  19. I like how so much of the list is from the "stash." If I didn't have a stash of my own, gardening would be a lot more expensive!

  20. You have some great varieties Erin! Good luck this year on the artichokes! :)

    You'll have to let me know know the cosmic purple and purple haze work out for you. I can't seem to get the non-orange carrots to work out for me. Either they bolt or are bitter or get tough.

  21. APG, yes, I'm terrified of running out of PEPPERS, LOL!

    Sparkless, no matter how many varieties you grow whether it's one or 100, what's important is that YOU are growing them!

    Ribbit, I'm still a'scared of the zucchini LOL

    Patty, most of my stuff won't go into the beds until mid-April, just lettuces and broccoli getting started right now

    Kenneth, LOL!!! I love that you "googled" it! I actually got this unidentified tomato saved seed from an elderly Master Gardener, she said it's been in the family since the 1920's. Without a proper name for it, I decided the tomato was as gorgeous as, well.... Jake Gyllenhaal - and I named it such :) Hope I don't have any lawsuits coming my way!

    Dani, I had heard such good things about the Jimmy Nardellos I had to try!

    meems, I'm buying those jalapenos a bus ticket north to you if they start taking over this year!

    agwh, I'm finally starting to have a "worthy stash" LOL!

    Thomas, yep I'm trying those artichokes again, will put them out much earlier this time. I grew those Cosmic Purples and Purple Hazes last year and I wasn't impressed either - I'll just throw some out since they kids think they are fun to pick. For the real deal I bought some tried and true Danvers orange this year, maybe not original but at least I'll get some edible carrots :)

  22. You may want to reconsider that radish nix, I don't like them either, but they are going next to my squash to help fight off the Squash Bug-Public Enemy #1 around here.