right now

right now

Feb 2, 2011

Warning: Enablers at Work!

What do we have here?  Darn enablers up to more mischief!  Thanks to blogger friend Alison at Whatever it Needs to Be... I came home to these goodies in the mailbox!  I can't wait to spend some time with this, I've been thinking about it since I started knitting of course!  As soon as I opened the package I was hit with a lovely raw wool scent that immediately reminded me of being a kid.  My dad's barn jacket and gloves always smelled just like this, if you've been around sheep at all you know what I'm talking about, divine!  I'm in the process of packing up a package of garden seeds for you, Alison!
Alison has her hands in lots of stuff.  She's raising a family, doing it on a budget, she's into jewelry and metal work as well as spinning and dyeing fiber.  She also has an Etsy shop, Daisy Cat Jewelry for her goodies, check it out - enablers unite!

Speaking of enablers, I spent the morning on my continued quest for a new sewing machine.  I want it to do EVERYTHING but I want a good deal.... is that too much to ask for LOL?!  Two more nameless blogger enablers (can you guess who?) are on the email hot-list for my incessant questions!  Thanks, ladies, I'm getting close... (for those that don't know, I tend to research everything to death!)

As if I needed more catalogs to flip through this time of year... now it's sewing machines!

On arriving home, more mail - my first internet order of fabric.  I couldn't resist, I took advantage of a coupon for becoming a "fan" on Facebook, and the coupon was good on sale and clearance fabrics, too. No, these aren't for the same project - rather I just chose a few that "spoke" to me for future inspiration.  Yes that's right... fabric with no machine yet  :(

Library this week:  sewing for me and scat for the boys LOL

I forgot to include a photo of the pizza the other night, first time using the specialty flour:

Time for the monthly Subaru Love photo... this is hubby's Subaru.  It's full of 6 closet doors and other random maintenance junk for the rental property, I could have fit twice this much in there if I wanted.... Subaru Love

Saved this one for last:

That is gauge is working perfectly!  Just a fluke though, it's supposed to be in the 30's tonight and 30's tomorrow, and I couldn't really even enjoy it since it rained all day, but I did get to break out my flip flops!


  1. We are up here in an ice storm and you have the nerve to show us your temp??? Huh!!

  2. Buy the fabric, and the machine will come. And if it helps, the enablers made me get a machine too, and I really like my Brother Innovis 40. It has everything I would want to do. Happy Shopping.

  3. I almost never have a project in mind when I buy fabric! It makes it easier to "shop from stash" when I suddenly have the urge to make something :)

    Nothing quite like passing on an addiction! Have fun with the spinning :) You'll soon discover that spindles breed exponentially. Pretty soon you'll have a good-sized collection!

  4. My cheap Sears Kenmore is pretty much had it too. But I'll just go to my mom's and use her machine if I need to. She even has a serger, but I've never attempted to use it cause all that thread scares me.

    We have sunshine here but it's cold! I want some more snow.

    Don't get me started buying fabrics again! I have a bunch stored for that quilt I was going to make for the kids when they were babies. LOL!

  5. It is just so fortunate for my bank account that I'm not there with you in person shopping for your machine. I have a feeling I would be shelling out for a new machine that I just couldn't resist. As I told you earlier today, my "new" machine is now nine years old . . . and probably has 200,000 miles on it!

    As for the fabric that magically appeared in your mail box (uh-huh, sure), you are so on the slippery slope to being a quilt addict. WELCOME!

  6. Robin, yes, sorry about that! :(
    Jane, I looked at that one today!
    Jane, Alison, Sparkless, Mama Pea.... listen to yourselves LOL.... "stash the fabric, stash the fabric...." ENABLERS/EVILDOERS I SAY! LMAO I'm hooked...

    Sparkless, sergers look like the circus is in town to me, I don't even want to think about those! If I lived near my mom we'd pool our funds and have one bad a$$ machine! And she has room for our stuff, too :)

    Mama Pea, we'd be dangerous! I intend to keep this one a long time too, hence all the research!

  7. What a thoughtful enabler!!
    Love the fabric.
    Now-about the flip flops. May I use a bad word here??? LOL. Have fun!

  8. I am with Alison on this one! I don't always have a project in mind either. Shoot that's how you build a stash girl! Sometimes a stash is so pretty you just like to look at it :o)

    Well I have envy at your temperature there. We are supposed to be -10 and lower here tomorrow! Blech! Another indoor day.

    Gosh I am so stinkin' excited for you -and dont listen to Jane...she did it all to herself! hehehehee

    Now scat those boys and go play with your new goodies!

  9. Oh my what amazing packages, Both of them! Oooh, that yarn looks just superb. Wow, that pizza looks so professional. How did it taste?

  10. Ooo, I looked in my mailbox today and all I found was snow! I don't think we even had mail delivery today. So much for "neither rain nor snow nor dark of night". Oh well, we didn't get a paper either. But we did get LOTS of exercise!
    I would have preferred fabric.

  11. Oooh a new sewing machine - what fun!! I used to have an Elna 9000 for about 12 or 15 years. Last year hubby bought me a Husqvarna Designer II. It was used but had hardly any hours on it! I've been in heaven sewing on that thing. Technology has come SO far in 15 years!! It was a $2000 machine and I got it for $700 Whoohoo!

    Happy sewing! Oh, and don't let those other girls give you a hard time about the fabric stash - it happens to all of us :-)

  12. How exciting... I don't spin or knit, but I am muddling through crotcheting. However, since I have a flock of sheep (2 Suffolks and a foster child wether of some as-of-yet-to-be determined breed) I can identify with the smell you talk about. Everytime I go down to feed, I have to give kisses to sheep faces so I can inhale that lovely scent. That sounds a little weird, huh? Have fun with your sewing machine shopping!

  13. My mom has had a Viking for 40 years, the first one lasted 30 years. After I got out of high school she worked in a garment factory which spoiled her, the industrial machines are so fast, she had to ditch the old Singer. And the Viking would sew multiple layers of denim, which will kill a lesser machine.

  14. Stuck at the bottom of the hill AGAIN in the minivan (of course it was during a LITERAL blizzard). -5 right now at my house. brrr. I know you will get a good deal on your new machine. I just feel it!

  15. I recently bought a treadle (foot-powered) machine, and I love it! It's less temperamental than the electric machine was, just as easy to use, and doesn't require electricity. Mine was built in 1927 and is still working beautifully. Don't know if such a machine would have all the 'features' you want, but might be something to consider. A surprising amount of modern feet and other parts fit on mine.