right now

right now

Jun 7, 2010

Weekend Fun!

The past weekend was unbearably hot and humid, with the exception of my Saturday morning harvest, I didn't venture out in the daytime AT ALL! Heat index was 100 degrees and that's too hot for me!

Saturday night, however, as the sun was going down, I took the kids to the beach to see a concert. The USO was putting on free concerts all weekend in appreciation of the military, and Saturday evening was Hall & Oates! I have always wanted to see them, so not even the humid evening would stop me. We got down to the Oceanfront and luckily the sun had gone down behind the hotels on the strip, so most of the beach area was shaded at that time. (These hotels are an unfortunate side effect of an economy based on tourism)!

Anyway, great concert, love that everyone was my age or older so we all sat in our beach chairs and the view was mostly unobstructed save for a few morons who didn't seem to know who Hall & Oates were... (passing teens and drunk college kids commenting "who are the lame guys on stage")...!

Here's some photos of the evening, the kids actually had a great time, so now I know that I can bring them to concerts outdoors at least!

Loch & I (the kids hates watermelon I found out... would have been nice to know before I planted it!)

we got there early to stake out our sand

bringing sand toys was one of the smartest things I have done recently!

You might be old if... you are knitting and at a Hall & Oates concert!

They sung the National Anthem shortly after this was taken, with the crowd all military and military families, it was very moving and always nice to see how completely silent military families are during this, even the kids

Check out this guy! Who the hey brings a bag o'warm beer and a CAT to a concert? Yet another single guy who will still be single tomorrow...

Music in full swing now, I am so far back because the kids need room to play and we need to be near porta-potties, LOL! I had my binoculars though.

Finnegan waving a flag for daddy

My kid was obviously born in the wrong decade... what's better than videotaping someone who doesn't know they are being filmed?

p.s. as I was finishing up this post Finn yells from the other room "hey mom, can we go to the Caymans?" The Caymans? Where do they come up with this stuff?????


  1. Oh my gosh...this is the funniest post. My older sister used to be obsessed with Hall and Oates. You gotta love the 80's.

    They don't like watermelon???????

    HAHAHA...a bag of warm beer and a leashed cat...that's a cry for help if you ask me.

  2. I love, love, LOVE Hall & Oates! I've yet to see them in concert, though. I've been taking my granddaughter, Alicia, to concerts since she was about two years old. She danced right away from me and into the crowd at her first Kenny Loggins concert, but was better behaved at the next two.

    My 36 year old daughter says it's pretty sad when she's only been to concerts with her mother. I say it's OK, 'cause her mother has good taste in music ;-)

  3. HA! I can sympathize. My 3 and 6 yr old are major fans of Disco/Funk. The boy listens to his funk mixed CD as he falls asleep. He's the only one 6 yr old I know that's walked into a Wiggle's birthday party and said, "These kids have obviously never heard of George Clinton."

  4. Hey, can you take us to the Caymans too?? ;)

  5. I love taking my kids to concerts. They wish I didn't dance so much, though.

    Maybe the kids have an offshore account they want to check?

  6. The kids are so cute! Glad you had a nice evening out.

  7. I see nothing wrong with warm beer and a cat!!

  8. aoayogi, LOL, was that you down there? hahaha!