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Jun 11, 2010

kinderGARDENS Week 9: Through a Child's Eyes

Inadvertent Farmer

We had an assignment this week! Each child got to take my camera out into the yard by themselves and take pictures of whatever they wanted. I am a bit surprised by the standard garden photos that came in, I was hoping for an unusual bug or something, but nope!

Here's the photos they came back with, and narration in their own words:

Lochlann, Age 7

"Me & Finn's garden and mommy can't plant her stuff here"

"That's the tape mommy put up that I think is not going to work to scare birds"

"I think that's a secret garden"
(haha I guess I never told them about the new area I am getting ready)

"Well duh, it's a tomato and a trailer"

"Marley's going to be naughty and drink out of the fountain again"

Finnegan, Age 5

"That's Marley and she's a good dog"

"I like Dill and I wanna smell it every day"

"I like those"

"They're my favorite"

"I like those and I eat them alot but they're not ready yet cuz they're not black yet"

"I like those peppers and sometimes I eat them"

"That's my corn patch and they're very big today and we're going to eat them next year and it's corn"

"Those are my Finn potatoes and I like them because they are named after me and I am going to dig them up and eat them now"

I am going to encourage this more often and make sure I let them know that they can take photos of unusual things or things that only they might be interested in. It's a neat concept to see things their way!

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  1. I wish I'd tried to get Matthew to give me comments on the pictures. I'd reading your boys comments. What a neat garden space!

  2. I really think Finn needs his own blog, and I'd be proud to be his first follower!

  3. Great photos! You have budding artists there! I love the dill comments- I love dill as well.

  4. "Well, duh. It's a tomato and a trailer." LOL! Kids!

    Good idea, though, you could end up with some priceless memories.

  5. Gran, Finn with his own blog, LOLOLOL! Yeah, the "tomato and trailer" comment was my personal favorite! I like how one kid says "Marley's naughty" and the other says "Marley's a good girl"!