right now

right now

Jun 8, 2010

Wasting time with lots of photos!

The past 2 days we have seen gorgeous weather, temps in the upper 70's, no humidity! I had planned to basically "do everything" during this time since I cannot stand working outside in the oppressive heat we had last week. I did work all day yesterday and got a lot done, but I dunno what happened today!? I just couldn't seem to get it together, choosing instead to sit in a lawn chair and flip through magazines, look up random stuff in regards to the garden on the internet, and walk through the garden snapping pictures and talking to myself. I guess it was just one of those days, and I will be working in the heat wave that is sure to return tomorrow! Here are the photos of what is growing here right now:

"Bush Baby" Watermelon

It's easy to know when the shallots are done, they're like a toaster!


Unknown Polish Heirloom Tomatoes, Basil, the remaining garlic


The Pepper Bed: Jalapenos, Bell, Fish Hot Pepper along with Mexican Mint Marigold

Heirloom Jalapenos

The Pea & Bean Beds (Peas were ripped out today!)

"Beer Friend" Edamame - can you see the little pods?

Heirloom Golden Wax Bean

Heirloom Dragon Langerie (Dragon's Tongue) Bush Bean


We don't call it bolting 'round here... it's part of the rabbit Christmas Tree Farm! Time for these lettuces to go!


Looks like it's time to dig for taters!

One of the Colonnade Apple Trees

If you think you don't have room for an apple tree, consider the Colonnade! This is just the second year, and the 5 ft trunk is covered with apples top to bottom. Great for a container!

Close up of the apples... I really hope these all make it to harvest without any serious issues

These just started to turn a faint pink I noticed when outside this evening!

Japanese Climbing Cucumber - all cukes are in pots on my deck this year, thought maybe I could keep up with them if I had to constantly walk past them LOL

How many Grapes will make it past the wasps this year? Japanese Beetles expected arrival any day now...
I'm not sure why I continue to grow these... ummm, cuz the leaves are pretty?! Actually, their main purpose now is a supply of grape leaves to line the bottoms of my pickled veggies, it keeps them super crisp!

Tomorrow I will have to get back to work out there, I have some half-beds to plant where my peas were ripped out today. I am trying this year to be much more consistent with my succession planting!


  1. Erin,everything looks so lush and beautiful! I'm jealous of those beans. And apples. And tomatoes that are blushing ;-)

  2. I can't believe how much further ahead you are! Your garden looks so green and lush, what ours would look like in early July. It's crazy...you make me want to move to a slightly warmer climate. Also, is most of your garden in full sun?

  3. AG, you won't be jealous for long, from the looks of your garden!

    Thomas, it's funny what a day's drive does, zone-wise! You DO NOT want to move to a warmer climate, LOL, unless you like "overnight instant mess" in the garden! It's all beautiful for awhile, then bam! the heat and humidity hit and it seems everything skyrockets, plants need harvesting overnight and there's bugs everywhere, and you have to do in in 100 degree heat with humidity! I long for moving further north - funny how the peppers are always greener on the other side, huh? You will be neck deep in it in no time!

  4. Oh, my edamame are just up! I can't wait. I discovered my first tiny tomatoes set on- they're about the size of a pea but they're there!!
    Your photos look beautiful.

  5. Yeah, warm climates are not the way to go!lol

    Everything looks great Erin! You inspire all of us. :)

  6. Wow! It all looks fantastic. I love how everything is set out.

  7. What a wonderful garden! Thanks for the tour. Yes, the plants will be stressed soon when the temps go up... I see that you use a potato box. Have you had much luck with it? We have tried for 4 years and only have gotten a hand full of potatoes. I was going to break the box apart to make 3 deeper boxes for root veggies, as a dear friend always has potatoes for me. Would love to know if you have had any success.

  8. Everything looks great Erin!! I can't get over how tall those fingerlings are, some of mine are still only 6 inches in height!

  9. It looks gorgeous, Erin! That apple tree is incredible. The japanese beetles are already here -- awful critters. Do they go after grapes? I know they eat my roses, peonies, lilies, lupines, basil etc etc etc!

  10. I love looking at your garden pics just as much, y'all! It is so fun to see what's going on elsewhere. Lorie, I had decent luck last year, this year I spaced the potatoes even closer, so I am hoping for more - we'll see this weekend! Kelly, one is the fingerlings, the other 2 are Red Pontiac and Red LaSoda (both new to me but supposed to tolerate heat and humidity). Fiona, I can't believe you have the Jap Beetles and I don't - they must like your weather. The grapes..... OMG those damn beetles copulate all over my beautiful grape leaves and they look like lace 2 days later, ugh disgusting!

  11. Thomas, yes the entire yard is full sun all day - I had to plant 2 Crepe Myrtles near the patio area or we would have cooked to death out there!