right now

right now

Jun 9, 2010

Today's Harvest - No Vampires Tonight!

Yeah, I can never get my act together for "Harvest Monday" LOL... even as a child, I was difficult! So instead, here is my random day harvest today, it was good, and made even better by the wonderful temps we had today, perfect for gardening without breaking a sweat. Those days are few and far between in the summer, so I had to make the most of it.

Onions - tops refused to die down so I am forcing them now, enough is enough, I need this bed back!
I'm not weighing any of my onions, garlic, etc and recording them until they cure and get trimmed.


Early Italian Garlic

My latest in recycling! I don't know how many times I had to rescue this towel bar from the trash pile - we used to use it when we had the hot tub, but has been idle for awhile. It's absolutely perfect for curing all my "stuff"! Bonus: if rain threatens, I just open the sliding glass door behind it and pull the whole thing in.

Double Bonus: there will be no VAMPIRES at my house! Well, it would be okay if Edward got through...

More Dragon's Tongue (1.0 lb), Golden Wax Beans 1.0 lb), Peas (1.05 lb)
The peas were officially ripped out as of this evening - the heat this past week did them in.

Staying true to my vow to not buy stupid crap as gifts this year... bags of garden goodies for Finn's teacher! I even said "no" to the one soccer mom's request to kick in $$ for a gift of candles.... candles? Nah, I'm staying strong on this resolution - saves me money and I feel more thought and caring went into this anyways.

Don't laugh...

Yes, that's 3 Blackberries! I better figure out a way to keep the birds out, and quick... since the rest will be turning color any day now...


  1. Nice harvest! I'm not laughing at your blackberries, I'm still in the "today they're mine, tomorrow they're yours" mini-harvests in both my berry patches.

    I meant to tell you earlier how much I love, love, LOVE your new blog header! really, you should enter that in a photo contest.

  2. I've been experimenting with different blog templates, but I was so used to the old one they all look funny to me! I left it this way since I ran out of time the other night, but now it's growing on me so it will probably stay that way for another year, LOL! Have you tried the "fake Owl" thing? I was wondering if it worked, since the wind here takes any netting I have and wraps it all over the place and breaks my plants. Or any cheap method you have tried and works, I'm up for! The mockingbird in my garden is mocking me right now and eyeing my berries...

  3. Wow! When did you plant those onions? They look great and you DT beans look a whole lot more interesting than mine. Mine don't have much coloration on them.

  4. Ribbit, I planted the onions the beginning of November. All the onions, garlic, and shallots went in then so they had a bit of a head start before they went dormant for the winter. Some of those DT beans are definitely more colored than the others, in my garden I have found the ones on top nearest the sun are the darkest.

    Here's a good one, it is actually sprinkling now so I had to try my method of dragging that towel bar full of onions & garlic in the door - now it's sitting in the bedroom, I'm reading a book and all I can smell is onion. The dog keeps picking her head up and doing the sniff-sniff all around her head, probably thinks I'm nuts - and she would be right!

  5. Lovely my dear, the towel rack has found it's true calling!

  6. Beautiful harvest -- love the recycled towel rack!
    Good for you for not buying stupid crap -- I'm trying to do the same. We usually make something or bake something. I think Finn's teacher will love the garden goodies and besides, a teacher friend of mine says she is simply overrun with candles!

  7. Your onions and garlic look great! It will be a few more weeks for the garlic to be harvested here.

  8. Your "alliums" harvest looks great! My onions and garlic are just about ready to come out of the ground, too, but my house, thankfully, has a deep enough overhang on the front porch that I can keep them all out there for the first several days of drying out. When they finally come inside, the smell is a lot less powerful.