right now

right now

Jun 19, 2010

A day at the beach

The weather was perfect for the beach! I am so glad we went instead of hiding inside today. Tomorrow however, we will be hiding in the house since it should top 100 and that is even too hot for the beach!

Same "shot, different day!

Posing for daddy! One would think they like each other....

He must have followed us from the garden!

Good boys get surprised with junk food!

Learning how to smile without showing all his lost teeth!

Notable events today: a possible drowning at the beach, which is crazy since the Special Forces team also found a body yesterday while they were out doing manuevers (the beach we go to is a military base) - this is actually one of the safer beaches since it is where the Chesapeake Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean, so it is shallower, less riptides, calmer, not to mention not at all crowded.

Also, on a funny note: driving down the road a seabird lifted off the saltmarsh and flew low over the road and dropped her fish! Note to self, along with watching for texting teenagers, watch for fish falling from the sky and slamming into the hood of your car and remember, the bird will soon follow... driving is getting more and more hazardous! I wish I had videotaped this but then I really would have been in an accident!


  1. First, I'm so jealous of the sandal tan on your feet.

    Secondly, can't you just hear that seabird saying, "Dang, I hate it when that happens!"?

  2. At least is wasn't two seabirds fighting over the fish on the hood of your car - that would have been *really* distracting!

  3. Love the flip flop tan!
    Oh, I miss being within an easy drive of the beach! We were on the beach the day they shipped out for the first Gulf War- watching the carriers move out. Impressive.
    Now, the beach is 20 hours away. But, next year may be our year for the Outer Banks. We are there every few years. I miss the beach. I even have a beach sunrise photo for my laptop wallpaper. I'm such a beach nerd, LOL.

  4. HA! I used to teach at a school that was RIGHT by the water. We were outside at lunch break and a bird dropped her fish right in front of us. The kids schooped it up, ran it to the water and it honestly swam away. Poor bird sat there in the tree and squacked at us for the rest of the break.

    I hate to hear about the drownings. It makes me so nervous to go to the beach in a few weeks. I'm tethering the kids to us. I'll have to if I want to remain sane.

  5. I always get nervous when we take Jonathan to the beach. Even though he only gets his feet wet, I watch him like a hawk. Maybe it's because I have a fear of water myself.

    Sometimes you just have to give them the junkie stuff. Childhood won't be the same without it.

  6. Hey...your feet look like mine!! My toe nail polish is a bright red though! Since my feet are always dirty....I always keep that red polish on!

    I am glad that you had a nice time at the beach with the little guys, fish and all! Love that smile without showing his teeth!

  7. We all have the same flip flop feet tan! :)

  8. The seabird was definitely hilarious. The kids said "what was THAT?", and I calmly replied "a fish"! LOL, only because I saw what was happening before it actually happened.

    Thomas, I still get nervous, mostly the ocean since the riptides and dropoffs are horrendous, but we go to the bay where it's much better. Also, I have had the kids in swimming lessons continually since Christmas. That has eased my mind a bit, although I am usually out there swimming with them. If I'm not out there with them or if it's really crowded they always wear PFD's (although we usually won't go if it's crowded).

    Judy, the Outer Banks is definitely our favorite, the kids can't really go in the water because of the bad rip currents, but we always drive out on the beach and fish! It's all about the fish down in Hatteras!

    Flip Flop Tans Unite!! A better shoe was never invented!