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right now

Jun 20, 2010

The Fathers In My Life

My Dad!

Did you ever think we would grow up?

And now you are Grandpa!

Thanks for everything you have done for us! Many years ago you sacrificed a career and financial stability to take the plunge and move your family back to MN where you and mom grew up, worked tirelessly to give us all we needed and wanted and gave us a wonderful and safe place in the country to grow up in, and a place I am so proud to call home. Now that I have kids of my own, I understand !
Happy Father's Day!

Sailor/Farmer/Father/Husband - Happy Father's Day!

Military life keeps you from us for long stretches at a time, but you always manage to make sure the kids always know they come first, and give them plenty of "Dad Moments"!

The importance of men, boats, fish, and their dogs

Proper snowman construction

Teaching them to make the finest pizza crust around

"Cool Dad" Job enables children to appreciate big engines and loud noises

Making sure your son caught his first fish while on his first trip "up nort"!

Teaching your son to enjoy the finer things in life, like walleye strips (and a Fitgers?!)

Your ability to squeeze a year's worth of chores into just a few weekends before deployment. Your Subaru thanks you, the new timing belt has made her feel like a new woman!

Your alien fish wishes you a Happy Father's Day and thanks you for releasing her back to spawn more alien monster fish.

Is this a sign of things to come? Your boys are going to keep you on your toes!

Your 2-Headed Dog misses you!

Know that we are sending hugs your way today and every day, but instead of thinking of you over there, we prefer to think of you like this...

... but this year can you please refrain from forgetting about bait that you had stashed in the back of the car? Thanks.

Happy Father's Day!

And a Happy 2nd Father's Day to my brother! You are a great dad, and I know Charlie loves having someone he can commiserate with now!

Happy Father's Day to All!
Erin, Lochlann, Finnegan, "Marley" &"Sprocket"


  1. You sure know how to pull the old heart strings. :o)

  2. haha MamaPea! It just occurred to me that the last photo of my husband fishing down in Cape Hatteras looks like one of those sappy Father's Day Greeting Cards, maybe I should submit it and earn some extra bucks LOL! It really is him! :)
    My heat wave scheduled for today has not come to fruition since it is so cloudy outside, so I think I will attempt to go outside and let the kids play!

  3. Great set of photos. I am sure your husband will like the post when he gets a chance to log onto a computer.

  4. Lovely post Erin, got a chuckle out of the 2 headed dog...mine are NEVER that close unless engaged in play battle.

    You managed to sum up what life is about- the whole damn thing should be a greeting card!!

  5. Such a great post. Alien monster fish, Lol!

  6. Wonderful photos! Happy Father's Day to your favorite Dads!

  7. agwh, hubby saw it about 10 minutes after I posted it - he must have been waiting for some recognition LOL!

    Kelly, my dogs are always like that. I don't think Marley cares too much, but Sprocket just can't be more than a foot away from her!

    Jo & Judy, Happy Father's Day to your guys!

  8. Damn, damn, damn. That was beautiful! Loved every word and every photo. It is funnny how we "get" our parents when we grow up and have kids of our own, huh? Awesome men in your life, Erin!

  9. What a great tribute. Your a darn good daughter, wife and sister, Miss Erin!

  10. This is a lovely tribute! You are lucky to have such men in your life. Peace