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right now

Jun 24, 2010

kinderGARDENS Week 11 Update

Inadvertent Farmer

Week 11 is a total bust for us, we will be lucky if the "green roof" doesn't completely die on us!

Actual air temp at 5 pm today! The heat index was 117... we are actively keeping kids OUT of the garden this week!

The Amaranthus heads are draping nicely now over the rooftop garden box and we should see some color soon, but almost everything else has curled up and been burned at the stake. The heat has been like this for over a week straight now. Even the squash, which I thought would survive, cannot take the container box. We still have a little hope in the form of Malabar Spinach, while still small, it is laughing off the heat like a champ.

Although it is too hot for the kids to play outside, they have been finding things to do that do not include tv or video games.

Remember these?! Everyone beware of the dreaded potholders at Christmastime - I'll make sure they get the most hideous colors I can find!

Other things keeping the kids busy are swimming lessons. If it wasn't for getting out of the house to lessons, I think they would have gone stir crazy. Posting video for hubby, he doesn't seem to be able to load any video via email on the ship, but he can get the blog! Notice Finn's teacher doesn't let Finn get away with the "I don't know how" routine anymore!

Loch is getting better every day, he finally seems to have found a sport he is better at than the other kids his age, and I know it is a big confidence booster for him.

Finn just being "Finn"... just the past 2 weeks he has decided he doesn't know how to swim anymore, I think it's because they moved him up a class and now he is the youngest and in the deep end the whole time. He was doing well with the younger group so I might move him back next session, I want him to enjoy this!

Hoping the weather breaks soon and we can get back out there and garden again!

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  1. Ya know, between our two gardening climates, I think I'll stick with mine. Frustrating as it is to not have enough warm weather to bring things like tomatoes, corn, squash, etc. to maturity, it may be easier than seeing all your hard work "burned at the stake" as you say! And there's always a greenhouse for these northern climes. Or what I would really like is a big hoop house over about half my field garden!

    Stay strong. Your weather has got to break soon.

  2. I agree with Mama Pea, my stuff is growing slowly, but "burned at the stake" is frustrating.

  3. Thanks for reminding me that I want to learn how to weave. Maybe I'll build myself a loom this winter.

  4. Ack...I am so sorry! I will not complain anymore about our rain...'burned at the stake' sounds much,much worse!

    I haven't done that kind of weaving for years, you just gave me a great idea for some summer fun! Kim

  5. I do remember making those potholders when I was a young girl. They were made of nylon then. Are they still?

  6. Hot Tamales! I grew up in Alabama and I remember the humidity being something fierce! It is hard to believe that there is warmth (and too much of it) somewhere else in the world. We got to 75 yesterday and that is a record for the year!

  7. Conny, the ones that came with the set were nylon, not sure if they make anything better these days!

    Cathryn, Hi! Yes, the humidity is killer! I will always be a northern girl!