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right now

Jun 15, 2010

Graduation Day!

Just got back from Finn's preschool graduation! Thought I would wait until tomorrow to post, but I want to get it up so Daddy can see it as soon as he gets the chance. This past year we were so lucky to be part of a pilot program here. Some of you may remember from last year how anxious I was to find a preschool for Finn. Financially, we were unable this year to send him to the same Quaker Friends School that Loch attended, yet we don't have a regular public funded preschool in our state. Our school system launched a new pilot program at one school called "Preschool Partners". The concept is based on reverse mainstreaming which integrates typically developing children into a Special Education/Special Needs program. These students are called "partners" by the class. I knew this was something we wanted to be involved in and and that the values of acceptance, patience, and the joy of helping others that Loch got from the Quaker school would be replicated here. The problem? They only had 6 slots for "partners"! Well, Finn was accepted last fall and we have thoroughly enjoyed the program, children, and excellent teaching staff! It was such a success that the city has launched the program out to almost all of our city elementary schools for the upcoming school year. There was an article in our local paper about the program a few months back which explains it with a little more detail, check it out!

On to today's events!

Finn in his cap & gown!

Finn & Mommy

Finn and one of his friends getting ready to enjoy ice cream

The ceremony. Standing room only! One of Finn's friends has been in the Special Needs program for 3 years and she is ready to move on up to kindergarten! Her entire family tree showed up for the big event filling the little classroom. Way to go, Lillian! If anyone needs to pack 'em in for a grand opening or something, she's your girl! I don't think there was a dry eye in the room when she got her certificate...

Finn hugging his teacher good-bye!

It's official now! On to Kindergarten...

Thank you to all of Finn's teachers, the other parents, and all of his friends in class for a great year!


  1. So adorable, what a proud little guy!

    What was up with some of the formalwear on one of those gals, is the prom tonight or something?!? ;)

    I am going to go back in a minute and watch the video, the downside of homeschooling is not enjoying these parent in the classroom moments.

  2. LOL... yes I think it was a formal occasion for her, she's the mom of a disabled girl who is moving on to kindergarten after 3 years of the preschool program! I felt kind of underdressed in my t-shirt and ballcap! Hey at least I changed out of the overalls :)

  3. He is just beaming! What a doll.

  4. Awwwww! He's such a cutie Erin!

  5. Yes, he is a cutie. Dad will be proud.

  6. What a handsome graduate and what a great program. He's moving up in the world. Next thing you know he'll be heading off to college!

  7. Finn, congratulations on your graduation. I'm sure you will excel in kindergarten next year, because you are just that kind of boy. You always seem to try very hard to do your best, and I think you most always succeed. I know your Mom is very proud of you, and so are her blog readers. FINN! FINN! Hip-hip-HOORAY!

  8. They grow up so quick, don't they? Look at that grin. haha.

    I can empathize with you regarding the cost of day care/preschool. I cringe whenever it see it debited from our checking account.