right now

right now

May 22, 2010

kinderGardens Update & Random Avoidance of Work!

Inadvertent Farmer

Here we are, week 6, and we've got nothin'! Below is a pic of the green roof to be's planter box, growing but not onto the trellis yet! I don't even have any pics of the kids in the garden this week! For good reason though, as they had a life changing event that most of you know about already, I figured that excuse is at least better than "my dog ate it"! Check out The Inadvertent Farmer's blog to see updates from other kinderGardens participants.

In other news I am happy to report that I am back in business - or at least back to housework and gardening, sort of! Today started off with the best intentions of getting ALOT of weed pulling and garden maintenance done... things derailed fairly quickly though, and I only got about an hour's worth of work done pulling weeds with the help of child labor before they started begging to do something "more funner, MOM!" But first, let's see what I did get done...

3 loads of laundry washed and hung out! It would appear that we all wear a uniform of sorts around here from the multiples of the same t-shirts we all have!

Sprocket's harvest of onions! She helped dig...

Onions were hung to cure

Found the first of the Heirlooms on Tomato Alley...the winner: Brandywine!

About lunchtime, I could hold off the kids' pleas no longer and I just said "oh, $%&!, let's go do something more funner"! After the week the kids had, how could I say no to an uncrowded beach with temps in the 70's and a slight breeze? Exactly! So I took them out to the secret spot, without being blindfolded! No tourists here, ever!

Finnegan doing some kind of ritual to celebrate the end of mommy's crabbiness!

Mommy with her baby... he's getting so big, he carried his own bag o'junk out to the beach today, hooray!

my guys

Tonight, all I can think of is a huge list of things I must get done! No diversions tomorrow, no excuses! My first sowing of carrots is almost ready and I never sowed more, so I need to do some carrot and parsnip t.p. strips, more weeding, pull out the greens that look like a rabbit's Christmas tree farm now, wash and put away all my seedling trays and plastic pots. My front yard needs attention too very soon, it looks like hell, and my blog and computer desktop is a mess! I still have up last year's harvest counter, slideshows that never worked right, I feel so overwhelmed that I think I'll have a glass of wine and knit. As Scarlett said, "I can't think about that right now. If I do, I'll go crazy. I'll think about that tomorrow..."

As soon as I thought about it, I could hear Rhett saying "I'm very drunk and I intend on getting still drunker before this evening's over!"

But no, that won't do at all, headaches are lame-o without another parent around to wake up with the kids at zero-six-thirty on a Sunday! Have a great weekend y'all!


  1. How utterly fantastic that you can see greens in the garden grown beyond any possible use as a rabbit's Christmas tree farm! I love it, and will never forget that image!

    Good move taking the boys and yourself to the beach. Would have loved to have been there with you instead of providing a progressive picnic for the black flies in the garden. My left wrist is the size of New Hampshire tonight and I'm down a quart but I did get a bunch of stuff accomplished.

  2. Good for you for going to the beach. I'm all for doing something funner (that's why we made a scarecrow today instead of weeding the garden AND getting work done.) Nice to see you in the photos... along with your cutie patootie boys, of course!
    I've said it once and I'll say it again, your "not getting much done" is a good day for me!!!
    Enjoy your night of wining (the good kind!) and knitting and forget about that to do list for a while :)

  3. I will be doing "something funner" with my daughter today - spending roughly 2hrs in the kids section of our local B&N! I get to flip through books and magazines I can't afford, she gets to flip through books she'd immediately cover in magic marker if she brought them home:)

    DD is not allowed in my garden, as in her worldview, all plants are made for the express purpose of being pulled up and shredded, and dirt is always for digging in with ones toes, no matter what else is in said dirt at the time!

  4. What fun at the beach!!!

    My brandywines are outflowering the rest of the tomatoes, but they won't set fruit to save their lives!

  5. Great post, a little gardening, a little real life! Wishe we were near the same coast, a joint beach day sure would be fun!

  6. Love the laundry picture! Thanks for showing off our (your and my) home state!

  7. Mama Pea, the "progressive picnic" image is funny (cringe!)

    Fiona, remember that I have plenty of days where I get nothing done, I just don't blog on those days, either, LOL!

    Alison, I love going to bookstores when we are cash-deficient (which is most of the time, LOL!) I will usually grab a pile of books and an iced coffee and go sit with my stack and look through them while the kids look around in the kids' section! Love the library too, but you can't beat the big bookstores for the newest eye candy available!

    Ribbit, I hope your Brandywines give you something, I am sure that there are optimum climates for them,and I must be in one, but I sure hope you get a couple, they are just perfect with a pinch of salt and knife and fork! If they don't work, just look up a different heirloom for your area next year, they are so worth it!

    Kelly, how fun would a day at the beach be? We could get Thomas & Jonathan, too, although we would be so engrossed in conversation our kids may drown, yikes!

    Jo, even the kids' shirts say "up north" with the crossed paddles, I did those shirts for the whole family for a cabin vacation we did... and looking at the pic makes me realize I need some new shirts, they are looking pretty ratty!