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right now

May 19, 2010

The Final Countdown...

This morning finds us in the home stretch before deployment. Loch woke up with the standard vague aches and pains and asked to stay home from school, but I made him go. Hubby still has to work today loading his shop's stuff onboard the ship, so I figured that after a late night tonight I will let him stay home tomorrow, but not today!

We got a nice surprise yesterday as I was taking Finn to preschool - my brother called and his squadron was in town for a few days but his flight schedule was cancelled due to the weather, and would I mind a visit? Well, of course I rushed right over to the base to pick him up after dropping Finn and we had a nice visit. He was able to go to the kids' swimming lessons last night which they loved, and stayed for dinner. Weather permitting, he will be flying the rest of the week but we may get to see him one last time before he heads back.

The weather the past 4 days has been pretty miserable. Drenching downpours to the point that we had to tarp my container tomatoes because I was afraid of having drainage issues like fungus and rot if it kept raining the way it has been. I just uncovered them this morning and they look pretty good, but I will be glad when the sun comes back out later this week and starts drying them out. I imagine my peas are loving this cool damp weather and I will have to go check later today to see if my pods are plumping up.

That's all for today, got a million things to do: buy razors, tshirts, batteries, and a bunch of other random stuff my hubby waits until the last minute to tell me he needs! And I have a piece of flashing on the side of the house that he needs to repair on the way out the door lol! There's never enough time to get it all done.

Here's some video I took over the past couple of weeks. The yard actually looks a bit more lush and blooming now, but an updated video will have to wait for now. I harvested a bit yesterday and will have to do a harvest update and update my harvest sidebar, but that will all have to wait for Friday probably since I will be consoling children tomorrow! Hope you enjoy my "tour" video, I know I love it when you all do this as it helps me imagine you in your gardens when you write about your harvests and growth! Mama Pea, the potato cages you asked about are in the video too.

In the spirit of the day I will sign off by saying to hubby,

"Fair Winds and Following Seas"!

We love you, don't worry about home or the kids, I have it covered, just go chase pirates and bad guys so you can turn that boat around and get back home!

Garden Tour

Deck Garden


  1. ((HUGS)) I don't know how you do it Erin. I'd be a blubbering mess!

    Just know we're all here in blogger land if you need an ear or shoulder.xoxo

  2. Wow -- what a gorgeous garden! You've got a real green thumb there, girl. Thanks for sharing!

    Enjoy your last day and we're here if you need a shoulder :) I'm like Dani -- I'd be a blubbering mess. Heck, I got all teary eyed reading that last paragraph... You're awesome.

  3. Nah, you guys would be fine, you just tend to deal with what life throws at you, ya know? As a sidenote, what am I going to do when he retires and he's underfoot all the time? LOL, not used to that! And Loch, poor kid, he was telling the truth this morning, the school clinic just called and I had to run get him he had a 102.5 fever, can an actual fever be psychosomatic?

  4. We'll all say a little prayer that your hubby has a safe deployment. And like you, I love getting surprise visits from my siblings. What a great surprise.

    I can't wait to watch your video tonight. It sucks not being able to access certain things at work (probably for the best...I'd be blogging all day!)

  5. Oh no! Poor kid, I have a fever today too. (Thought my bad mood and fatigue was also psychosomatic from being home with the kids for another rainy day of yelling, but turns out I am actually sick!)

    I hope you guys have as good of a good-bye as possible, and that your little man is feeling better soon. Sick kid and deploying husband- enough to put any woman over the edge!

    (Oh- and the garden tour was cool!)

  6. In true military fashion, it's now after 4 pm and hubby still isn't home from "work" yet???!!! You'd think they'd give them a few hours to say goodbye on their last day here... my kids are climbing the walls and I'm ready to ship them off somewhere!

  7. You could always try stuffing them into one of Hubs bags...;)

  8. Thinking of you this morning...

  9. You had me in tears...may your brave man have a safe journey on the sea.

    Your garden is stunning! LOVE this post!

    Just your Thursday reminder(I know your crazy busy) that the link party is up for kinderGARDENS if you have anything you want to share...I'm also having 'Sunflower House' book giveaway. Happy Gardening and Mothering! Kim

  10. Thinking of you today and hoping tomorrow everyone is feeling better. A week from now I know you'll have the "routine" down pat and all will be well. You're so strong.

    Sending love and support.

  11. Hey lady, I'm shutting down for the night but I just wanted to send a virtual hug to you and the family. Hope the little guy is feeling better now.

  12. I hope it's done as well as can be, and don't sweat the rest.