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right now

May 17, 2010

A Week 5 kinderGARDENS Update & a busy weekend!

Inadvertent Farmer

The week began with a wonderful gift in the mail from Kim at The Inadvertent Farmer, who happens to be the host of this wonderfully fun contest, "kinderGARDENS"! Thank you so much Kim, my resident garden geek child couldn't put it down and I had to wait until after his bedtime to sneak it from him and look through it. What a fabulous book! This book goes above and beyond the "dumbed-down" gardening books we usually see written for kids. For kids who love science and really learning about the garden, it is an incredible learning tool, and as a bonus grownups will love it too! I can't wait to delve into some of the things inside the book.

This week the seedlings on the "green roof" are coming along nicely, about 3 inches tall now but not yet grabbing onto their supports. The kids took the downtime to decide on what they wanted to plant in their garden box, and they decided on peanuts! I received some peanuts at a seed swap party I hosted a few weeks ago and I don't know how they never made it into my garden before, since our area of Virginia is known for this cash crop! I will be learning about growing peanuts right alongside them on this project.

That's all the news on the kinderGarden project right now, but speaking of seedlings, I forgot to update that I finally got rid of these:

These all went to the Master Gardener Plant Sale last weekend and not a moment too soon since the hot weather has been taking a toll on anything that hadn't been transplanted out to the garden yet.

The rest of the weekend was a blur with work on chores that needed to be done before hubby leaves on deployment this week and making sure I found the time I needed to cook and entertain both Friday and Saturday nights this weekend. I'll do a separate post on all the food that managed to leave my tiny kitchen!

More child labor

Garden Mama working hard, luckily it was only 72 degrees!

No! Not a SOCK TAN!
Yesterday evening I was pleasantly surprised to see our first tomatoes: the race was won by "Fourth of July" hybrid - not too surprising since this is marketed as a very early tomato. Exciting nonetheless!

Separate update on food and fun later today!


  1. You are one busy bee!!

    I'll check at the library and see if they have this book for Elizabeth. Good gardening books for kids are hard to come by.

  2. Ah, yes, the dreaded sock tan. Up here we're tickled to get it. That means it's been warm enough to wear shorts! I'm envious of the polish on your toenails. Let's see . . . how long has it been since I've taken the time to do that???

  3. Yeah...glad he enjoyed the book!

    I just noticed my first tomatoes too...now I must go polish my toenails! Kim

  4. Good stuff Erin, as my husband pointed out yesterday- my flip-flop tan is back. I much prefer to the sock tan until it comes time to clean my feet in the evening. YUCK! (And today I am gardening in sneakers.)

    That tomato is fab! SOOOOO jealous. Lovin' the book for the garden geeks. :)

  5. My you have been busy! Love the toes -- mine are still hidden in work boots though I'm looking forward to my barefoot gardening :) And a first tomato -- how exciting! My seedlings are still under lights, tho I'll be hardening off this week as they're outgrowing my plant stand!

  6. Dani, you will LOVE this book! It goes way beyond the standard "leaves make plant food" type of stuff - it goes into pollination, the actual stuff leaves are made up of, tissue, epidermis, etc, fungi, and load of really cool projects for the whole family! And you guys are funny, my toenails are always painted and I always have flip flops on, even with wool sweaters, LOL! But you will never catch me with polish on my fingernails!

  7. I forgot to commend you on your excellent use of child labor. You go.

  8. I still can't get over how perfect your seedlings look. I think my problem is that I don't transition my seedlings to the outdoor conditions slowly enough. I really need to work on this.

    Peanuts?! That's awesome! I wish they grew well here.

    P.S. love the sock tan. :)