right now

right now

May 17, 2010

I am officially asking to be committed to a psych facility!

The past weekend found us with just 5 days left with Sailor/Husband/Father before he deploys to the Middle East. Do you think I decided to relax and enjoy? Nope, in true OCD/Type A fashion, I decided to entertain all weekend! Although I have an ability to step outside the box and see myself as a crazy person, I also admit that I thrive on being busy and my favorite thing to do is entertain, so maybe that is my relaxation in some twisted fashion! I decided to serve basically the same things all weekend, so that made food planning a bit easier. I am fanatical about being able to serve things that I can prepare ahead of time so at least I do get to enjoy any parties that I have. I decided to smoke a pork shoulder Thursday night and do a traditional North Carolina pulled pork BBQ. This sounded easy enough, but I didn't put it in until 8 pm Thursday night so I had to set my alarm all night to check on it! Come 6 am Friday morning, it was ready to be pulled. Let me tell you, the scent of smoked meat is delicious in the evening, but at 6 a.m. it's a different story. By the time I got done pulling it by hand at 7:30 a.m. I didn't think I would ever have the appetite for it again, LOL! This turned out to be a really good project though, out of a 15 lb pork shoulder, I netted 9 lbs of pulled pork and managed to put a good amount of it into the freezer for the kids and I in the future. If there's one thing I would never do for just the kids & I without hubby around, it's smoke a pork shoulder! Homemade mop sauce got put into the freezer too, so we will be able to enjoy a quick yummy meal later that doesn't involve mac & cheese or grilled cheese!

Friday Night was hanging out with the kids' friends and parents, eating and enjoying marshmallows around the campfire:

Finn with his special friend - to say he is very fond of her is an understatement! He wrote I "heart" you on his slide with sidewalk chalk, LOL!
Campfires never get old! We burned the huge rosemary shrub hedge I pulled out and it smelled divine!

Here's some photos of the food created in my tiny kitchen this weekend, I can't believe my little kitchen didn't self-destruct! I decided to go with kind of a patriotic 4th of July type menu for a send-off, BBQ, wings, potato salad, that type of thing since he will miss that holiday (along with every other holiday between now and next spring)!

Some of the 9 lbs of Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwiches & Vinegar BBQ Sauce

48 Buffalo Wings! (I always use Alton Brown's method, makes yummy wings with a crispy crust, unless they are forced to sit in a steamy crockpot!)

Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers
(These are peppers harvested from last fall and frozen. Stuffed with sausage, cream cheese, sprinkled with cheddar broiled and crushed fried onions for crunch!)

Potato Salad
(Red Potatoes, Onion, Bacon, Garlic, served chilled and tossed with a vinegar dressing and feta - I also use bleu or goat cheese depending on my mood and supplies!)

Here it is!

My Patriotic Farwell Party Strawberry Trifle...

You should have seen the kids' eyes when they got home from school and saw this - bonus for them that I had to make two of these this weekend, since I needed the dish back to make the second one, they got to have the leftovers for breakfast Saturday morning so I could start all over again!

Not too bad for them I figure, it's fresh fruit with a few frozen blueberries from last season, pound cake, and I use plain whipping cream without sugar. Once in awhile is okay, right? The looks on their faces at breakfast time were worth it!

Pretty soon you will all be enjoying fresh berries if you don't have them already, happy eating!


  1. Girl, I gained ten pounds just reading your blog today ;-)

    Our hearts will be with your husband while he is in the Middle East, and I'm sure we'll all be around for you to "talk" to if you need us. Cyber-hugs from Granny to your entire family.

  2. Do you ever sleep?? What an amazing send-off! You're amazing. Your OCD seems to be workign out for you -- I just get tired and grumpy, lol! :)

    I second what Granny says -- when hubby leaves, I'll be here for talks and cyber hugs :)

  3. To quote another unmentioned Food Network star: Yum-Oh!!
    Hug your honey from all of us (not that you won't hug him enough) Tell him that all our best wishes are with him and his buddies.

  4. Oh wow, you were crazy busy. I hope you two get some quiet moments before he deploys, and we'll be thinking of you both.

  5. In my next life, I want to be married to you.

  6. You. Are. Amazing. When you and your wonderful family move back up north, will you be my neighbor and invite me over? A lot? If not for food, I'll just come and sit in your garden. And look. And enjoy.

    Hugs to your hubby and all the best wishes for a "quick" passing of the next several months. As for you, m'dear, as everyone says, we'll be here for you whenever you need us.

  7. I second Fiona and Annie's Granny- me= tired & grumpy, big hugs and best wishes for your family.

  8. Wow - All of that food looks divine! Do your boys know how lucky they are?

  9. Everything looks soooo yummy! I'll have to show how you smoked that pork shoulder all night. I don't know about other northerners but I know nothing about smoking.

    It sounds like you had so much fun. Marc is always yelling at me to get out of the kitchen whenever we entertain.

    I'm growing a lot of jalapenos this year. Thanks for the tip!

  10. You. Are. Nuts.

    Certifiable, really! ;)

  11. Do the peppers get mushy after they've been frozen?

  12. Wow! The food looks and sounds amazing. It also sounds like a lot of work, but your husband probably appreciated the great party.

  13. I disagree; the smell of pork at anytime in the morning is just as good as in the evening.

    Unless you have a hangover.

    Certainly not good then. ;)

  14. Thanks for the compliments, I will admit cooking is so much more fun when I do it for guests! Fiona, I have plenty of tired and grumpy days, and I just may indulge myself in one very soon! Dani and Thomas, I think life has a way of pairing us up properly - my hubby is completely laid back, procrastinates, and has the patience of a pepper plant in the spring, lol! Mama Pea, I would definitely be your neighbor, bonus, we have child labor!! Although I can see myself making coffee and looking out the window at you just sitting in my garden "Hey honey, she's out there again..." LOL! And my hubby read everyone's comments and really appreciates the well wishes, he loves being able to read the blog while he's gone, technology today is a great tool for seeing what's going on at home from day to day!