right now

right now

May 23, 2010

Killer Sunday!

I can't quite believe the amount of work we (I) got done today! We headed outside this morning
and got both the border beds that run the length of each side of the fence weeded, Loch helped without complaining and thus has started earning some weekly cash! We are going to start a chart for this and see how it goes. Finn complained the entire time but that was pretty much expected, his brother is really the one more into the garden thing. I was able to dig some amendments into my tomatoes, tie them onto their cages and pinch off some suckers. Next came pruning of a couple of small trees and raspberry canes and tying them up. It started getting really dark then and we heard thunder in the distance so we picked up the yard and all our tools, then I remembered "Ladybird" Dove in the hanging basket... she has a thin bamboo roof covering the pergola above her but could still get wet - so I climbed up there and laid some shingles across giving her a "roof" to stay dry under! Yes, another "look at that crazy lady" for the neighbors moment watching my balance-beam walk on the balcony railing while crouching under the pergola and flinging shingles up in the air - what's next I'm sure they wonder!

Ladybird in her new improved digs...

When we went back into the house after hearing the thunder, I was amazed to see it was only 12:55 p.m.! I didn't mind calling it a day for yardwork and waiting out the rain since we got so much done. Bored inside, I decided we'd take a trip to the big box store to get a lightbulb and cabinet hinge... yeah, that's how it always starts...

and returned home with this 18 pack of healthy petunias marked down from $18.97 to $6 !

and then I really got suckered in - I'm finally going to do it... ASPARAGUS! It was 75% off so I figured what the hay, I have an area that would be great for it, so I'll give it a go. If they aren't viable I'm only out like 2 bucks! I kept saying that I didn't want to do an asparagus bed until my "forever house", but whatever!

We have had the same exact dinner twice the past week! But my freezer is officially cleaned out of last fall's pea harvest and miscellaneous cornish hens that have been chillin' out in there too. The kids think they are fun, I just know they're inexpensive and easy!

Kids just went to bed and my legs ache so I'm headed to relax with a glass of wine and knit! Don't you just love that feeling of a productive day's work? I better savor it because I know tomorrow may be a completely different type of day. Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Yup, that "tired" feeling when you know you've accomplished oodles is great. I had a killer Sunday in the garden, too, but mine lasted all day, and I didn't get to go buy fun stuff for the garden!

    I had to put on bug dope for the first time. The temp was only around 70 but I think the humidity must have been 110%. Thunder storms were forecast but never materialized. I felt so ishy I had to take a shower before fixing dinner tonight!

    A good day here. Thanks for filling us in on yours.

    P.S. You're a good dove mama! ;o)

  2. Mama Pea said what I was going to say...what a good dove mama you are! I think you must have that "good mama" gene ;-) I had a busy, busy day out of the garden. The entire family came for a barbecue and an afternoon of card playing. 17 of us over the age of 12, four babies and three dogs. I'm plumb tuckered out tonight.

  3. It looks like you've been on a blogging and gardening bonanza for the past couple of days! I'm glad you were able to fit in some fun time with the kids. Marc and I took Jonathan to the Beach on Saturday too but we left literally after 5 minutes as the coastal temperature was about 20 degrees colder than where live.

    I can't believe you have a baby brandywine tomato! How jealous am I????!

  4. Sounds like a fabulous day! I love that productive tired feeling.
    I spent most of Sunday inside working on an article. Okay, I did sneak out to do some hoeing... and then I thinned and replanted some lettuce and radishes... oh, and put in some more radishes and onions. And weeded the onion beds and... crap, I've gotta get another job because working at the computer SUCKS in the springtime! This sounds kinda mean but I'm glad you've got a whiny garden kid too. Ella loves to help out most times, Jack does sometimes. Oh the drama!
    I can't wait for the plant mark-downs to start -- you got yourself some great finds!
    And yes, I agree with mama pea and granny -- you're a good dove mama.

  5. We had a nice productive wekend as well, love ending the day with achy legs (and back), and dirt under my nails.

    So cool of you to shore up Ladybird's roof, and I am so happy to see you finally caved on the asparagus. Every time I hear one of you crazy women put off asparagus until your 'forever house' I want to slap you silly- cause waiting means NO FRESH ASPARAGUS!!! Another one who often speaks those words caved this year as well. Ah, finally! :)

  6. Mama Pea, thanks for saying "ishy"! I always say "oh, ish!" and people out here think I'm crazy, they've never heard that expression, but I grew up hearing it!

    Gran, your day sounds like so much fun! I am sure your yard is a favorite for bbq's!

    Thomas, I was worried too about the temps at the beach but there was only a slight breeze and I didn't bring the umbrella (it always blows away anyways!) so the sun was nice and warm. Don't worry, I am sure you will spot some baby tomatoes any time now!

    Fiona, yes Finn is definitely less interested in WORK than the rest of us, and it seems like I never get anything done since he is always sneaking back into the house while I am working and I have to drop everything every 15 mins to see what he is up to, usually snacks strewn about, spilled juice, etc inside! Sounds like you had a really productive day, too!

    Kelly, I know,huh?! I may have to hit you up for questions... I will be digging the area today or tomorrow, since I don't want those crowns chillin for long in the fridge, who knows how they were treated at the big box store, not well I am sure, and that's why they were clearancing them! If they don't work, then I will at least have the bed dug already and there will be no reason not to order "more better" ones!