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right now

May 24, 2010

Making a mess...

Oh no, what have I started????? This happens more often than I want to admit, and it IS a problem with me - organization! I am such a polar opposite of hoarder that it tends to get in the way of my life - and it takes on frantic levels during deployments, some kind of subconcious signal to rearrange and throw stuff away, the closest thing I can think of is the nesting instinct one gets while pregnant.

Meet my kitchen: you have seen it in pictures before but what you may not know is that I only have 980 sq feet in my house and no garage or laundry room to store things, and no dining room either! You can imagine the high expectations of this little galley kitchen. I demand alot out of her and she is suffering from trying to do too much, sound familiar moms?

I tried all winter to have a dining room table in there but at what cost?

Oh yes, that's a FREEZER my living room! And wait, it gets better...

A KEGERATOR in my tiny living room too!

I started the morning by just wanting to get my canning supplies together in one spot, and this has quickly progressed to completely clearing counters and any moveable furniture out and wiping baseboards, yeah, it's that crazy here! Now instead of digging a new asparagus bed I will be trying to reassemble my kitchen. I am thinking to just scrap the idea of ever having an actual table to eat at in my eat-in kitchen and making it more functional to ME! And this time of year, that means planning for harvests, canning, dehydrating, messing with seeds and glue, you get the picture. What I intend to have by tonight is a Farmhouse "Summer Kitchen" in my little apartment sized house. I know it sounds a little far-fetched, but you have never been in my way when I am on a mission to create space - watch out! Hubby has been here to witness the craziness right up until he was booted out of the house until I was done. I know he is thanking his lucky stars that he is out on the high seas right now and chuckling while reading this.

It's overcast and supposed to rain outside so I actually do have the time to do this instead of being outside, but why couldn't this have waited until, say, "Freaky Friday"?

I hope to update with pics tonight, if you don't hear from me, it's probably because I got swallowed up by that kegerator! Hmmm, or vice versa!


  1. I love it...hahaha. For some reason, reading about other people's idiosyncrasies makes me feel more normal. I'm sure each of us have a "crazy" streak. At least yours makes for a neater living space.

    Love the keger machine by the way. :)

  2. Hmmm, I've been at it for a couple of hours now and I will never finish at this rate, just finished singing Marvin Gaye at the top of my lungs since the kids are at school, then made more of a mess, now I only have an hour left before the first kid gets home and I am sidetracked yet again by "The Safety Dance"... big choice, clean or dance?

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  4. His comment is here, you must have just missed it when posting Erin. I am unfortunately the polar opposite of you, I am a pack-rat. And it sucks.

    I can't wait to see your finished product, "summer kitchens" are really still needed today for those of us with out central air.

  5. I'm new to your blog ~ found you through our mutual kinderGarden project. Your house looks super clean already. I can definitely picture a table in your kitchen ~ maybe a rectangular farmhouse table with benches (at least one bench with inside storage) against the wall. That would get you some storage for sure. (Not that you were looking for advice. :>)

    We have a small house too. 1,000 sq ft (3BR, 1BA) so I'm always looking for ways to store things incognito.

    Cheers ~

  6. I can hardly wait to see what you come up with! You, crazy lady (and that's said with love and kindness!), put the rest of us who grump about not having enough space to shame. You're also much, much, MUCH too good a housekeeper to ever set foot in my house! ;o)

    You may be bona fide OCD (your label) but anyone who can sing and dance while tackling a HUGE house rearrangement has to be well-adjusted!

  7. I've always loved the pictures of your house. I want you to come fix mine up.

  8. Thomas, speaking of crazy streak - I have noticed today that I seem to have quite a collection of fondue pots for someone who doesn't fondue! I have 3 kickin' groovy ones from the 70's, I keep hanging on to them hoping one day we will meet friends who like theme parties - I LOVE theme parties! Until then, I will keep them.

    Kelly, it's about as "summer kitchen" as I can get without having a spring house outside! I grew up on a farm and miss my mom's massive square kitchen like mad!

    Conny, thanks for visiting! Your image of a farmhouse table had me chuckling since I had a too large table of just 60" in there until this morning! That's the problem, it took up too much space, I need all my carts, prep tables, etc, and need my kitchen appliances back in the kitchen instead of the living room! Although I do miss the farmhouse kitchen I grew up in... someday....! I treat my whole house like a sailboat, store vertically and everything must have 2 purposes to be able to live here!

    Mama Pea, I was seriously rocking out, the kids would have been so embarassed! Who can resist doing the Safety Dance when no one is watching? Or perhaps "Walk Like an Egyptian"?

    Ribbit, thx! I may have to admit defeat if I ever get a larger house, since I won't be able to clean it all in one day!

  9. I have dreams of a clean house....