right now

right now

Jun 7, 2011

It's coming...

the heat, that is!  A photo posted on Facebook of the bank in my hometown in Minnesota was reading 103 today, what????!!  And it's coming our way next.  With temps forecasted from 95-100 the rest of the week and heat indices I don't even want to think about, it was time to make plans.  This girl don't garden in those temps, nuh-uh, no-way, nahgonnahappen.  I figure I'll get out there and water early at about 6 am, hit the auto-pilot switch on the way back in and close the door on it all.

Does anyone else get that gloomy doomsday feeling when the weather just won't seem to give anyone a break?  When it's nice here I have to watch the weather in other parts of the country and worry about fellow gardeners, and when it's bad here then I worry that my garden will go belly up or stress even more horrible things.  We live in a terrible area, a coastal tidal zone that is long overdue for the "big one"... maybe I should put a block on Jim Cantore and crew of The Weather Channel so I can relax!

Anyway, the plan for tomorrow?

Hopefully, sewing!  After I made Loch's shirt, hubby commented that he'd like one, too.  I think I'll make the brown fabric first since that's more likely to actually be worn LOL.  While the blue print has a lovely Jimmy Buffet vibe to it, slim hubby isn't rockin' the beer gut required to go with it to make it look authentic... maybe I'll get him some gold chains for Father's Day to complete the look...


Dinner tonight was (I thought) a lovely mix of pasta, veggies, cheese & alfredo.  How could I go wrong with that combo, right?  Well the kids announced "ISH" as soon as they saw it headed for the oven door and said no way were they going to eat it.

I heard everything from "what's that green stuff?" to "are those poisonous mushrooms?".  Yeah, busted - I'm feeding them poisonous mushrooms, where do they come up with this stuff?  I also made 2 pans of this for freezer meals, so they will be seeing it again!

So how did that pea pod make it into his mouth?

Pure bribery.  Homemade strawberry ice cream!

Finn didn't ask whether the strawberries were poisonous.

Question for the bread geeks:  what's the best way to cut bread for sandwiches?  I need to be able to make and freeze about 3 loaves a week for the kids' & hubby's lunches, but my bread knife is a piece of junk and before I buy another I want to know what y'all do.  I read today about using an electric knife but I had already cut the loaf.  I do have one, do any of you do it that way?  I'm thinking of getting a bread box guide but is it worth it or will I just get good after awhile?  

The first tomatoes are in!  They could have stood to be out until tomorrow but you can see below that something has already decided to peck at it, so in it came.  These are hybrids though, I don't expect any "real" tomatoes for some time yet.

After dinner a package showed up for Loch.  Books!  Ribbit of The Corner Yard has a son that is remarkably like Loch personality/interest-wise and had some book duplicates that she kindly sent our way.  He even had a personal note written to Loch in there, Loch is so excited to have a long distance pal now and is at his desk writing a note to send back tomorrow.  He's so excited about the books I have a feeling I'm going to have to go in there repeatedly to confiscate flashlights for reading after lights out tonight.  The blogger family is so generous, thanks, Ribbit!  BTW, just as there are a few sewing enablers out there (you know who you are), Ribbit was my e-reader enabler LOL...

Stay cool...


  1. Drun right I'm an ereader enabler! What of it? ;) The boy just read your post and was very happy that Loch was happy! We hope he enjoys the books.

  2. This weather is ridiculous! It is supposed to be in the high 90's on Thursday. I hate the real hot weather!

    Your Loch is like my children were when they were young. They both read constantly. My daughter would actually read while she was walking and run into the wall! My son used to read at night with a flashlight too!

  3. Hey, I don't think your sliced bread looks bad at all. And if the slices were perfect, it wouldn't look like homemade bread!

    I have a really nice serrated bread knife but I like and use my really long chef's knife most of the time 'cause I feel I can control it better (even slices) than the serrated one. I've never used an electric knife for bread or anything else!

    Homemade strawberry ice cream? Got any left?

  4. I have a bread slicing guide boxy kind of thingy, and I love my electric knife for bread and stringy roast beef! I've never found another knife that didn't turn a tender roast into hash instead of slices, and those long blades make it so much easier to cut slices of bread that are the same thickness on both ends. I don't even use the guide half the time, the electric knife just makes it so easy.

  5. Ribbit, enablers r us!
    Robin, I was the same way when I was little, always with a flashlight and Laura Ingalls :)
    Mama Pea, I know, hubby and I prefer baguette style which are easy to slice but I always think the kids want their bread to look like the other kids' , although they have never expressed that to me, Loch always says "the other kids have chemical bread" haha! I have an electric knife that I've never used, a wedding gift I think LOL
    Granny, good to know! I will try the electric knife with my next loaf, just as soon as I can find it!

  6. We just use a serrated knife to cut bread. Some pieces are bigger than others but no one seems to mind. I always take the end pieces. Love that crust.