right now

right now

Oct 18, 2010

Yes, it's true - I've taken a lover!

And it's a "she"! How scandalous!

Wow, the rumor mill flies thanks to Facebook! One of my dearest followers demanded to see the illicit photo of my new boots she "heard" was circulating on my facebook page. Here they are!

If you are really quiet, you can hear them.... "don't hate us because we are beautiful"...

Yes, you might be from Minnesota IF: you think Sorels are sexy! I have been coveting these boots for close to 3 years now but haven't really had the excuse to buy them. Last year we went home for Thanksgiving and these would have been overkill that early in the year. (Although I have seen teenagers wearing winter boots in September with minis here - yeah, I'm a bit old to pull that one off, and not quite that stoopid!) LOL. This year, not only are we going home for Christmas, but we are going to spend the week after Christmas as far north in Minnesota as the beautiful scenic 61 will take us! While most dream of flying south with the birds, I cannot wait to get up there and have some much needed down time - hiking/snowshoeing, sledding, reading, knitting, socializing and just plain enjoying the holiday & winter season!

To be fair, I bought hubby his first pair of "real" boots as well, and I can't wait to see him in them, I think they will suit his inner "skater boy" as well as keep his tootsies warm. I am definitely not breaking him in to MN winter gradually, so the least I can do is make sure he's comfortable!

Hubby's Boots

So those are our Christmas presents this year, and I don't feel too badly about the purchase since WE don't outgrow our boots every 3 months, like some little people I know! And some new socks if I can figure out how to knit them!

Other news: today's harvest - yay for more greens! The last few green tomatoes I brought in are ripening nicely on the counter, so I am ecstatic about the thought of salad. Haven't had real salad since May, it was too hot for lettuce this year. The garden is making up for that now.

Tonight's dinner for me! Poor Charlie, this is one of his favorites... the only thing that would make it better would be to replace the chicken with grilled steak strips, or better yet, our OWN chicken!

Sewing project is on hold for now because of the below "big event"... I have finally gotten over my fear of DP needles enough to attempt my first sock. I had another bottle of "Mad Housewife" merlot in my stash to give me the courage last night!

Agenda for tonight - kids are off to bed, sit down and eat that salad I just made in peace and quiet, and knit my sock while wearing my new Sexy Mama Clompers with shorts on! I'm trying to break them in so I will be a sight to see tonight, LOL! (For you other knitters out there, I now totally get the "second sock syndrome" - I can't imagine having to start a mate to this once I finish this sock LOL!) Maybe I will be giving out mismatched socks for Christmas - there's something to be said for variety, right? There will be one of everything, LOL!


  1. Awesome boots!! I'm jealous. And your salad looks lovely.

  2. Hooray! Glad you're able to come home for the holidays. Can't wait to see pics of your cute little 'uns cavorting around in the snow!

  3. thought you might like to see the one-liner email I got from hubby when he saw the photo of my sock attempt...

    "Wow, I'm excited for you and maybe just a little glad I'm not there for this part. I would not want to pull one of those needles out of my thigh after a smart remark"


  4. Ha, ha ~ I just had to see what all the fuss was ~ and I see they are pretty neat boots! Yaay that you get to visit Minnesota for the holidays. At least you're not completely shocking hubby by bringing him into winter in, say, February. December is still tolerable, if I remember right. ;)

    I love your knitting project you've got going on there. I smiled as I'm making something out of the exact same color yarn. No double-point needles for me yet; I'm just a beginner. Or rather, re-learning the fine art for the 3rd time. You rock!

  5. Ohhh, fantastic boots. I love boots, even though I'm from California! I wouldn't do the winter boots with minis in September, but there might be a teeny tiny part of me who's envious of those girls who are young and silly enough to pull off the look. :)

    That salad looks delicious!

  6. Wow, those are some fancy boots! I've never seen such sneaker-ish boots but they are cool! Are you headed to Duluth? (I can't remember road #'s up there.) I've been to the twin cities right before Christmas, in the snow, but never up there. I've always wanted to though. Have fun!

  7. Now those are some happenin' boots!! Charlie had seriously better tie his on really tight because Chicken Mama is totally ga-ga over them. (Strange what turns some country girls on, eh?)

    I was just commenting the other day about how salads don't appeal to me at all now that the only lettuce I can get is store bought. But, oh my, that salad of yours looked WONDERFUL.

    Socks already? You just started knitting! Next thing we know you'll be starting an Aran sweater for all of your boys for Christmas. (And no doubt get them done!)

  8. Y'all, I ate that ENTIRE salad! I think my body seriously needed that, way too long without greens this summer! As far as the boots, I am the furthest thing possible from a clothes horse, ask my hubby LOL ( I usually wear mens jeans and sweatshirts!) but I just had to have those!

    the author, waaaaay past Duluth, keep on going north! Twin Cities is nice if you hit in I think February, that's when the winter carnival is. Otherwise, do it at State Fair time in late summer!

    Mama Pea, no way on the Aran sweater, I have zero patience! And tell Chicken Mama those mens Keens are on closeout right now at REI outlet.com! You reminded me that I meant to post on what I've knitted since I declared myself "in training" on New Year's - I've been waiting to use that as a fall post when the garden was kaput!

  9. Erin, your title posts keep crackin' me up! I am almost afraid to find out what those boots dinged you for but I bet they are worth every penny! I keep telling myself to get some good ones and I suppose this year with the first hunting season for me, I should get on it!

    Yes, the dreaded second sock syndrome! More like hated!!! I made one. Just one. My other foot is still cold! DPNs take a little getting used to. I like in the round but with the other doo-hickey things attached. Doesn't work well for itty bitty socks tho! Are you going to make yourself a matching hat too??

    Loved your hubbies email! My first thought when I saw your title post was "Holy Moly her husband is gonna crap!" But I see he takes it all in stride!

    Hungry now! Got any left overs?

  10. Nice boots! You've been eyeing these for 3 years! Wow. You deserve them!

  11. Love love love the boots. And I NEED them. (Even though I just got new ones last year!)
    You really know how to spend an evening....a bottle of booze and sexy boots. Does it get any better! I don't think so...........

  12. LL Bean said it was 5 degrees F where I live last winter, I don't know if I am buying it. At 2 am with windchill *maybe*. I am already wearing my EMUs and had a winter hat on at the playground yesterday. Brrrrrrrrr. Those boots will keep you cozy, enjoy them!!

  13. I love the boots and your salad looks yummy! I tried to knit but just couldn't get the hang of it. I LOVE TO CROCHET!! Maybe I will give the knitting another shot.