right now

right now

Oct 20, 2010

Doing what I want!

It was very overcast this morning so the moonflowers stayed open almost until 9 a.m. letting me get a photo of them.


Rain threatened all day today and the skies stayed dark, very cool outside, perfect day to do what I wanted to instead of what needs to be done! First thing this morning I went to the fabric store and sat and looked at pattern books all by myself (I still can't get used to having both kids in school, yippee!), looked at sewing machines with no intent to buy quite yet, then picked up L and we went to the yarn shop to ogle fiber and picked out some nice neutral wools for hubby's socks, and one color for myself as well. Now I just have to tackle it head on! The "first sock ever" the other night was a hideous disaster, although I did get part of the heel turned correctly. I got tired and cross-eyed and messed up some of the stitching and just tore the whole thing out. I've come to the conclusion that socks CANNOT be knitted while children are underfoot. I think I have solved my dilemma about having to knit the second sock after the first (I'm a little impatient, to put it mildly!)...

Sock knitting for Type A personalities!

this way, when it's over - it's OVER!
The yarn above for my socks is so much prettier in person, it's a mixture of burgundy, grey, and brown. I love the look of big, raw wool (maybe the whole "grew up with sheep thing" again?) so you will rarely if ever see me knitting with tiny delicate sock yarn.

Most likely no blogging for me tomorrow, house cleaning, sock knitting, music lessons followed by the "math carnival" at night... I don't like having the kids out that late, but Loch loves the math carnival, my beloved little nerd :)


  1. I wonder if Moonflowers are related to Morning Glories? Must be, eh?

    When I knit a sweater, I do both sleeves at once because having to do a second sleeve is much like having to do a second sock!

    I'll think of you tomorrow cleaning and then, the good part, knitting!!

    P.S. Did you have someone show you how to use four needles? That's extremely hard to get the knack of but you don't seem to be having any trouble!

  2. Mama Pea, yes- definitely the morning glory family. I don't think I could do a sweater since it takes so long - but then again I said the same thing about socks last week, that I would NEVER do them since it looked too hard for me. Sometimes I think I only tackle things when I am convinced I can't do them?! I learned the needles myself by reading the other night, I'm one of those people that is a book learner. I watched the you-tube videos last year and they made me want to hurt somebody, I didn't get it, but with the book I was good!

  3. I think it is easier with a book as well. I have made one pair of socks, which I use mainly as slippers when it is cold but I also had no problem with the 4 needles. It really isn't any different than knitting with two because you only use two at a time anyway.

  4. I love your new halloween header. Loch and Finn are adorable in those costumes! I love going to the fabric store! So much fun!

  5. We have math carnivals, too, but they do it all with dominoes and we're there with bells on, also. I'm living vicariously through your alone moments. Keep them coming.

  6. I have my wool and my pattern. Tonight I roll the wool into balls, something my sister told me I have to do, although I have no idea why. My wool came in a large loop thing. Class starts Monday so hopefully I'll have a hat to give to someone for Christmas.
    Your kids look so cute/scary in the picture. Love it!

  7. You are a smart cookie with the sock dilemma! Force the issue!

    So, did you get any patterns or just a looksee? And regardless, did you pick what you are going to tackle first??

  8. If we lived closer to one another, I would ask you to teach me how to knit. I tried teaching myself via a book but have only mastered the basic scarf or hat at this point.

    Is the raw wool itchy on your feet?

  9. Not to brag, but I consider myself a fairly advanced knitter. So how come I have such trouble when knitting on four needles? WAAAAHHH! I'm constantly poking myself, getting the ends of the needles caught in my sleeves, having stitches slide off one end of a double pointed needle. In general, four needles make me feel like I'm knitting with my FEET rather than my hands. But do I still do it? Yup. But if I can get by with two needles or a round needle, I'm a much more relaxed (and happy) knitter.

  10. Hi Becky! I'm going slow, but when I read "just pretend you are knitting with two" in my book that somehow helped!

    meemsnyc, I am developing a love of the fabric store slowly, I am sure once I get familiar with sewing it will get better!

    Ribbit, ohmigosh there were about 80 different games tonight! The kids got to send a teacher down in the dunk tank!

    Sparkless, so excited for you, blog on your class! You definitely want them into balls, otherwise it will be a tangled knot very quickly. A hat is pretty ambitious, I still don't much care for them, be kind to yourself and start slow or at least do it when the kids aren't bothering you, that helped me immensely!

    APG, no patterns because they weren't on sale, they were still like 14-16 bucks, but they go to 99 cents on sale Sunday (is that normal LOL, pretty wierd but it seems to be the regular deal). I have my eyes on a pattern that makes all the "pretties" for the sewing area like a chair organizer, machine cover, tote bag, knitting needle roll-up. I figure I can get started on one of the included projects!

    Thomas, a hat isn't that basic, so you are probably better at it than you let on! But I would still love to knit with you - but it would have to be at your house so Marc could stoke the fire - I don't have a fireplace :( Seems like a nice winter fire would make me a better knitter LOL

    Mama Pea, this time I'm getting annoyed since the big wool I'm using for hubby's socks requires a 9, and the only dp needles I have in 9 are the longer ones, like for a hat. My other ones are shorter and easier. I actually AM knitting with my feet tonight LOL... my ball of yarn is on the ottoman in front of me and since I am knitting 2 socks at once I have to pull from the inside of skein as well, so it's threaded through my toes so when I pull on the yarn it doesn't roll onto the floor.... LOL! I confess I hate circular needles and haven't made anything on them, I think I need a set with a more flexible cable in between.

  11. Thomas, I forgot to answer your question! Some people I think are pretty sensitive to wool, but for me I don't like the soft brushed stuff, it somehow makes my feet damp in a hiking boot. It took me about a week to get used to pure wool "house socks" and now I just love them. Nothing beats pure wool for that "dry oven" type warmth for your feet!

  12. Erin, your ingenuity just knocks me over! Threading the yarn through your toes like that is genius! I've had to knit from both ends of a ball of yarn before and it was a pain. (Obviously you're not wearing your new Sorels tonight.) ;o)

    I'm becoming convinced I have to learn how to drink more shots of espresso because it definitely does wonders for you!

  13. Mama Pea, that's funny! It wasn't really ingenuity, it just kind of happened... ball of yarn was on the ottoman and every time I pulled Sprocket would lunge at the rolling ball, so I stabbed my foot down on it and voila! LOL, I saw your comment on my iphone while I was knitting in the living room so I used it to snap a pic of my foot yarn-minder, will have to post it tomorrow!