right now

right now

Oct 19, 2010

What's going on in the garden?

I was able to get outside in the gorgeous weather today and get some chores done that have been on my mind for awhile. The temps today were at about 68-70ยบ and no wind which made for a perfect day for it! I did have other chores planned for the day but I was all too happy to put off giving the dogs a bath!

It's not all that pretty, but here's what's going on out there:

Above, these beds have been empty for over a month now and the dogs have been running rampant through them. The bed on the left will be the garlic and shallot bed, and I put in some pansies today - I usually separate the varieties with pansies to add a little "pretty" during the winter and early spring. The back right bed was cover cropped today in crimson clover. I've never done that before but it's high time I did. The little bed in front holds some pansies and leeks. Also, more "ho"ing of cosmo seedlings all around the pathways.

To finish those beds off, I had to put up all the "skewers" again to keep the dogs off while things germinate and get started. I am lucky in that once there are plants actively growing in there, the dogs stay out. This could conceivably backfire on you if you have an Aussie like me or a Border Collie who sees the sticks and thinks "game on!" thinking they are weaving poles in a sheepdog trial!

Below, what's going on in the fenced-in garden:

I got lazy harvesting the yard beans, so I'm letting all these dry for seed, hoping I'll have some to share with you all. I ripped out the cosmos today as they didn't have much life in them anymore.

Closer look at these beds: (not that pretty thanks to lots of flood loss)

Above, peas, also planted some pansies to separate the leek and scallion seeds I planted today.

Below, the lettuces are just starting to take off. The greens you see are Pak Choy, Gourmet Mix, Tango Lettuce, Spinach - then a few rows of the second sowing of lettuce and spinach I did today, followed by scallions and parsley at the top of the photo.

Below is a mix of Brussels Sprouts (yuk - they are just there for s&!ts and giggles!), and Snowball Cauliflower. These are pretty sparse thanks to the worms and flooding rains we had 2 weeks ago, some didn't make it.

Below is the Piracicaba Broccoli (SEVERE worm damage) and Scarlet Runner Beans I just started as an experiment - I really wanted them this summer but they never germinated in the intense heat. They sprouted no problem once it cooled off the beginning of October. The big mass you see at the end of the bed is Moonflower, after remaining about 3 inches tall for 4 months - it jumped off my fence and climbed all the way up the tomato pvc tower! It appears to enjoy the cool weather and there are 20-30 huge blossoms on it every night and early morning, then they drop off and look like wads of T.P. all over the garden, LOL

My deck "winter garden" - Swiss Chard, Parsley, Pansies

Below, my mums have turned into quite a hedge this year!

The light was really giving me problems getting a shot of my mum and rosemary hedge - but the prostrate rosemary is covered with lavender blossoms all year long. Actually, I'm going to run out now that it's a few hours later and see if I can get a shot of the rosemary blossoms...

Well, I tried! Photos in the afternoon don't do it justice. I think I'll try for one on an overcast day, that's when the purple blossoms are very pretty.

On the way back inside, I took this one too - look! The hoarder-fish are still alive! Wow, my photos are terrible when I have to be facing the sun, and this is even under a pergola.

There, now I feel better being accountable to you all that I do indeed still have a garden! It didn't seem like it for awhile with all the flooding rains, I kind of gave up for a while - but I'm getting back in the swing of things again.


  1. I love watching all you guys grow. And wish so badly that I could do the same.

    Ok...the photo on top- Awwwesome! Love the look on the boys faces!

  2. Omigosh! I laughed and laughed at the blog header photo! (You've got to get those boys out in the sunshine more . . . they don't look so good.)

    It is just so weird to see your garden now. Mine is so dead and ready for a long winter's sleep and yours is alive and growing! Do you ever get tired of gardening? It seems like yours goes on year 'round. I'm actually ready for a change of pace come this time of year.

    Your mums look identical to the ones I've got in the pot on my deck. They don't survive over the winter (if planted in the ground) around here, sad to say.

  3. Your kids are freakin' me out, that is some great make-up!!!!

  4. The fall/winter garden looks like it is really coming along! I used bt spray (Thuricide) on my cabbage-family plants for the first time ever this year (starting in Aug.), and it has mostly worked! To be honest, I have been surprised by how good my broccoli and bok choy look. It takes remembering to spray each week, though. Covering everything "brassica" with netting might be easier.

  5. What adorable and freaky (in a good way) kids you got there up in your header picture!

    Your garden, even with the bug and flood damage, still looks pretty good. Don't you just love these mild warm days in October?

  6. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new header!!! Those are great costumes!
    I'm ready for that killing frost that could come anytime now here. I'm ready. The garden has lost it's charm. I should just pull it all out but there's always that chance for one more pepper..... anyone got the number for Pepperaholics Anonymous???

  7. Your kids are so funny.

    And the garden looks real good!

  8. My husband loves the crimson clover but everywhere I found the seeds you have to buy in large quantities. Your mums are so pretty and I love the little plastic chicken in your garden.

  9. It looks like you have alot going on out there still. I wish I could say the same, but the pots are the last thing on my mind right now!

  10. The header photo is just priceless! Your fall garden is looking really good - now go out there and kill those worms!

  11. Wow, the mums are gigantic!! Looks great! I love how your yard beans look. How do you secure that pvc pipe? Is it glued onto one of the beds?

  12. What a GREAT header photo-the boys look fantastic, er , um GRUESOME! Love it!
    And your mums....the color is super.
    It's funny for me way up here to think of someone having mums blooming---and still growing things in the garden. Mums mean it's OVER up here!

  13. That header photo was from last year! Can't wait to take a photo with Loch wearing his new ghost costume this year!

    Mama Pea, I DO get tired of gardening all year! I feel ungrateful and like a "poser" if I don't, though!

    agwh & E.G., rain all day again today, hopefully will stage an attack this weekend, I don't know why we "all can't just get along" without violence in the garden, at least part of the year?

    Judy, I probably have the pepperaholics anon hotline posted on the fridge or speed dial, LOL

    debiclegg, I found my crimson clover is nice sized home garden packets (2 oz for 1.99) at http://www.sustainableseedco.com/crimson-clover.html, check them out I really love their philosophy and customer service is great!

    meemsnyc, I pound rebar into the corners of the bed and simply slip the pvc over the top like a sleeve. Rebar is cheap and I put it in all the beds permanently that way I can change up the pvc for whatever bed I need it easily.

    Sue and the others who "have to stop" gardening for the winter - I'm actually kind of jealous! I don't have it as bad as the gulf coasters though, they truly work all year round, mine are kind of auto-pilot plants like garlic and such!

  14. That picture of the boys is wonderful! I can't wait to see the new one either! I, too, use the rebar/pvc hoop house method. It works so well - and I thread 24" chicken wire onto the rebar around the perimeter, too. It is just high enough to keep rabbits out of my beds.

  15. I would love to have a garden that looked that nice, maybe someday.