right now

right now

Oct 25, 2010

Scenes from our weekend

Lots of random unimportant things to cover from the past several days, so lets get started!

Thursday night was Math Carnival at the kids' school, here's some scenes from that...

The kids play math games and win tickets to be used for treats, moon bounce, and the teacher dunk tank!

Parking was scarce, luckily I was able to find Subaru Row fairly easily! Funny how us Subarubies always park as far away as possible and hike in - it must be that "Subaru Love"... we are afraid of people rubbing the dirt off our cars!

I couldn't pass this up.... check out the HAIR!! I was trying to get a better shot with iphone but couldn't do it without being obvious, although I don't think "obvious" bothers this woman LOL

Right on cue, less than 24 hours after mopping the floor, I get this...

I had my first ever parent-teacher conference! I was extremely nervous, as this school has a practice of only doing them if there is a problem. Loch is in the gifted resource class this year, where they evaluate him for further placement starting in the 3rd grade at a separate gifted school, so of course I figured since I had a conference they were going to tell me he wasn't suited to the program or something. I wouldn't be that concerned about him being "gifted" except the change in his peer group has done wonders for him this year. His being surrounded with kids that are more like him has cut the bullying issue WAY down so far this year. I didn't need to worry! Both his teachers told me he is doing so well that they have sent in recommendations not only to the local elementary school for the gifted, but also the math & science academy, to be our decision which. I wasn't aware we even had a separate math & science school so I will need to do some research in the coming months. Did they switch this kid at birth? Where's MY kid? LOL...

I drove home in tears I was so relieved! Of course I know he's my smart little guy, but I am always nervous when I have to have a "conference" LOL... must be flashbacks from when I was a kid! As a reward for me getting such a good report on his behavior and work in class, I told them we'd go out to dinner, his choice.... and he picks Golden Corral. What is it with that place and kids?

You can tell he's still just a regular kid by his choices for dinner (I also let him choose what he wanted to eat)!

"Cracker Soup"??

Below we have my plate vs. his plate, all the food is the same color! Do any of you struggle with your kids' dinner plate color palette?

Randomly moving on - girls knitting night at my house. No knitting ever really gets done, and come to think of it, it's not even truly a girls' night since we have all the boys and all we do is yell over them all night! Another friend J came over too and brought this...

Her grandmother passed away some time ago and she got "the stash" but she doesn't know how to knit so she's trying to get the hang of it. I had to take a photo, her grandma has needles in EVERY size, the flexible ones, in a cute case, too! There's a lot of money in that collection. She also inherited some pretty advanced "in-progress" projects that were neat to see.

Remember these? Haha, watch out for tacky potholders made by children for Christmas! What a great way to keep them out of my hair while I work on MY stuff!

This morning I actually had a few green tomatoes outside to come in and ripen

The next couple of photos are for Mama Pea!

She was interested in my high-tech double stranded knitting yarn feeder LOL

She also commented the other day that she spent so much time being afraid of knitting cables, and for what? After the past day, I have to say I agree, they're lots of fun!

I wonder if this means I'm an "intermediate knitter" yet? Probably not, there must be some law or test on that :)

See what else is in the basket? I got my first pair of "old lady knitting glasses"! That must fulfill one of the regulations to becoming an "intermediate" knitter, right?

Tonight I will definitely be "socking" again. Rainy and overcast outside so nothing going on garden-wise today.


  1. You really are making progress in the knitting- nice job! And great news on the school options, that is exciting!

  2. Sounds like you have a little smartie on your hands, congrats!
    And to think my sister told me to use paper bags or a lined basket to hold my wool while I knitted, when in fact I could have used my toes! LOL! Ingenious!

  3. Ok, that woman is like Marge Simpson! Too bad the hair isn't blue!

    The dog...alllll the more reason to skip Freaky Friday!

    That is awesome that your little guy has so many options! Good job to you too!

    Your double thread holder is THE BEST! Once again there was desk smackin' going on here!

    And those ugly pot holders you will cherish someday! I still have my first ugly potholder from when I was 7! Yeah for the boys!!

  4. A math carnival sounds so much fun for the kids and it's Math! Why didn't they have those things when I was a kid. So fantastic that Loch has been recommended to a gifted school! How wonderful! I've never been to a Golden Corral before. I see the commercials all the time but I've never actually seen a restaurant in my area.

  5. I think you're very much an Intermediate knitter. Much better than I am. I'm thinking about giving up and just going back to counted cross stitch. I finally found all my stuff for that!
    Congrats to all of you for the school recommendations! my nephew in suburban DC went to a math/science specialty school. It was pretty cool. Have fun checking out the options.

  6. I love water ice! And I can't believe that you still have tomatoes coming in.

    On a side, I think I've seen your feet more than I've seen your face, Erin! LOL!

  7. Congrats to Loch for his academic achievements! You definitely have a little scholar on your hands. And I can see where he got it from.

    You, m'dear, are by all means an intermediate knitter if not more so. (Every time I see your manicured toenails, I feel like such a slob.) I can't believe how fast you're progressing on your knitting skills. Keep posting pictures of your projects. Love 'em!

  8. HA! My kids are also on the white/yellow diet. I also find it odd to be on the other side of the desk for parent conferences. I have to curb my desire to not only lead the conference, but just say, "look, I know how this works. Quit the glow and grows and just give it to me straight."

    So glad to hear about the gifted schools! The boy here just got admitted to the enrichment class which is the first step and he's so happy and I agree that the bullying and general unhappiness has subsided. Now he's got friends willing to play chess instead of guns. Our boys seem so much alike, it's scary.

  9. Love your high tech yarn feeder-LOL. Whatever works!! And this is the best-it's free!!

    Congrats on Loch! He's a REAL smarty-pants. And of course, he takes after mom??

  10. Kelly, I am very hopeful about the new school. I was contemplating homeschooling last year due to the problems he was having with bullying and teasing, I know you had different reasons, but you understand my excitement about being offered an alternative to the "regular" program that just wasn't cutting it.

    Sparkless, you will develop your own tricks in no time, just keep at it!

    APG, Marge Simpson LOL! She even had big ol' Madonna "Lucky Star" earrings! I asked the kids if they would like it if I wore my hair like that and Loch said "I don't think that's really hair"...hahahahaha

    meemsnyc, don't go out of your way to find a Golden Corral, you will be disappointed LOL

    Judy don't give up! You are just too busy with everything else you have going on! I was stuck in "scarf mode" until very recently and then when I was able to give it the proper attention, it just "clicked". I can't even imagine trying to do such things during a remodel AND taking care of a family!

    Thomas, water ice? LOL. Yes, it appears I have a foot fetish lately...!

    EG, maybe she had a jet pack hidden in that hair!

    Mama Pea, I'm sure my mom got a laugh out of your comment! I consider myself to be fairly intelligent and lots of common sense, but I sure didn't prove it in my early years! My mom is the scholar, it must have skipped a generation! Thanks for the kudos on the knitting, you have definitely been an inspiration to just "try it"! I feel like I need to have a "sign-off sheet" that needs to be signed by other knitters in order for me to advance LOL... I used to pass over the patterns that said "intermediate" but now I'm actually looking at them.

    Ribbit, chess instead of guns LOL! The kids on the bus tease my kid because he reads on the way home instead of flicking boogers and tossing the kindergartners lunchboxes around! Together our kids may make a formidable team!

    Sue, free is good! Too bad all that fiber isn't free! If I could get free fiber and a nanny, I would treat you all to a round of socks!