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right now

Oct 27, 2010

Hot and Humid Again!

Due to wind and rain, like everyone else today it seems, no real projects or gardening going on today. The weather was made worse by the fact that temps soared to 88ยบ today with high humidity - yuck!

I did manage to get a S@m's Club trip done today - please kick me in the head if you ever hear me mention that it's time to renew that membership! I actually did the math today since it was a leisurely trip without the kids, and most things are MORE expensive there than the commissary that is RIGHT BY my house LOL! I also am responsible for preparing a veggie tray for the current Master Gardener class for tomorrow morning. This was very dumb on my part, volunteering a veggie tray when nothing is in season anymore! I wasn't thinking straight back in August when I signed up for this. I priced bell peppers, the 1000 lb bag o'carrots at S@m's Club, broccoli, etc and almost fell over - I ended up buying one of those pre-made veggie trays and calling it a day. Two weeks ago I did pumpkin bread loaves for the class for FREE since I had all the ingredients, and even if I hadn't, it wouldn't have cost more than about $5.

I spent the first 2 hours of my morning driving around aimlessly, thanks to no stores being open until 10 a.m.! I can't stand this, since I am a morning person, and prefer to get all my errands out of the way early. Hancock Fabrics - closed, S@m's Club - closed, craft store - closed, library - closed! Really, I ended up wasting money at St@rbucks waiting for stores to open and wasting fuel, grrr....

On the bright side: the harvest today, I LOVE FALL!

Dinner Tonight (for me, anyways!)

And if you are wondering, YES - I eat the whole thing!

Other news: apparently there was one tip provided to police they are keeping to themselves, but they were out in full force again today behind the T@rget Store about a mile away, all walking in a line, this backs up to the freeway on ramp so I am assuming someone may have seen something tossed out of a window that they are looking for. I'm not sure of the significance of this, since the officer was off duty when the murder occurred, but the media made it a point of repeating several times that his body was found with his police badge around his neck, that's all the info we have now. Since we live so close to the crime scene, I had to have a talk with my kids this morning at breakfast about what they should do if they ever came across a weapon (gun) in the grass, etc... wow, there's a talk I didn't think I would have to have. What the perp might not have thought of... the police have just requested all the fenceline surveillance video from the Naval Air Station from that night - this took place in a treeless area immediately next to the airfield. Hope it shows something!

Lastly, I've been trying to clean up my computer desktop and came across this little video I meant to post about 2 months ago!


Tonight I will be listening to severe storms and finishing the SECOND sock in the pair, yay! I'm completely obsessed now and my hands are always on the verge of carpal tunnel syndrome!

I hope everyone in the path of this crazy weather system has fared okay! If any of you have snow, I want to see some photos!


  1. It rained all day here. So, I did some more canning and decided to clean the downstairs. I just don't know where all this dirt comes from. Back when I was a professional working woman, haha, someone would come and clean my house. I still cleaned some more...but, it was nice....and back when I was raising my children, I did a really good cleaning in one day, every week. I'm tired from just a lick and a promise cleaning...must be getting old.

    Oh yeah, those stores like Sam's Club can be really expensive!! I hate to shop..that's "The Italian's" job!

  2. Oh, boy! Am I with you on that one about stores not opening until 10 a.m.! Hate it. We morning people need to ban together and . . . and . . . I don't know what we could do but it regularly causes me to organize my day in a way that doesn't feel good to me.

    That salad you made yourself for dinner tonight? Don't eat it all, I'm on my way!

  3. My sister gave us a free membership to Costco and I always end up buying only a few things that I think are worth it. A lot of the things they have for sale are so big and bulky and not worth the cost. That video of the butterfly is so cool. Too bad the kids were afraid to hold it. I do hope they find the person involved in that shooting. So terrible.

  4. What a beautiful butterfly. That salad looks delicious! So sorry to hear you've had to have such a serious talk with your kids.
    My next knitting class is Monday and I'm totally stuck at this one part.
    Knitting hats isn't as easy as I thought it was going to be.

  5. Warm and humid here too. Have had the house open all week, but with the rain it's rather damp and sticky. With all the leaves falling...they are stuck to everything.

    Your garden goodies look so good. Early spring and fall harvest are my favorite too.

    Butterfly video was great!

  6. I am not liking the humidity either, my kids have fans on in their romms again- we just had the dang heat on!!

    I hope they get some footgae an nab the *^&%$@#.

    HATE whe things don't open until 10 am. I can't tell you how many times I sat in an empty parking lot swearing at eight-something on a weekend because nothing was open.

  7. I was just wishing I could find a place to buy 50# bags of onions and wondering if a big box store would be worth it. I think the natural food store gives a percentage discount for bulk buys. I had a really cheap store when I lived near the hood in TN where I'd get huge bulk food things for pennies. . . sigh.

    Even with a full garden, gotta have more onions than I grew! I hear you about being a morning person. It's hard when the world doesn't match you.

  8. Well, you can KEEP that heat and humidity right down there.
    Enjoyed the video---and if you'll remember your Charlie Brown video's ---Marcy says you're special if a butterfly lands on you!! Hurry-buy that lottery ticket! And don't forget Mama Pea and ME!!!

  9. They say it is supposed to be a bad winter. If it's as crazy wierd as the Fall has been, then we are in for it. The winds here have died down just a bit and today it is cold cold cold!!! Exact opposite of you! Now is the time everyone starts getting sick.

    I haven't had a big box membership in a long time. For all the reasons you listed. And I agree w/ MamaPea too, someone needs to get on those folks cuz it messes up my day when I want to GET GOING!

    Your butterfly was cute!

  10. 10:00 a.m. is almost afternoon! I am a morning person, too. Although my friends refer to me as a very late night person (I'm up at 4:30a)! The weather stinks, in a word. We were lucky to dodge the really bad storms, but everything is saturated and foggy and yucky. Blech. I hope they wrap up the crime quickly, Erin. What a shame to have to have a talk about finding a weapon with your boys. But, better they know what to do.

  11. That salad looks very tasty. I'm also a morning person, so by 10 AM I figure I've done more then most people do all day.