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right now

Jan 30, 2010

Snow Day

Morning came early today, at about 5:30 since the kids woke up and looked out the window... I think this is better than Christmas presents to snow-deprived children! So here's some photos and video of our day today. I apologize for the copious amounts of video, but Daddy's out on the ship and he checks the blog so he doesn't miss out on our daily life here. The day started out with dry, powdery snow, easy to shovel. Then the winds kicked up to about 30-40 kts and it was a mess. Later in the afternoon it changed over to wet heavy snow, and it is still coming down fiercely now at 6 pm with a lot of wind, and I am noticing the power lines are starting to ice over. Not good. I have shoveled the back deck twice today, it appears to be somewhere between 10-16 inches so far, I think it started snowing about 2 or 3 am last night. This was all grass less than 24 hours ago!

The back deck - the door was snowed shut!

Loch & Finn

Driveway has been shoveled 3 times today! We are the only ones on the street with a snow shovel, so we have to keep in inside so it won't get stolen, can you imagine?

Check out Finn's little mini-tantrum while shoveling snow, also, love the clip with the random blue-jacketed kid that walked through and decided to whip a snowball on his way cutting across our yard! The other one is of the neurotic dogs loving the snow.

Other big news on the "learning to knit" front... my first real project was completed at midnight last night! Just in time for the snow, and I will say it kept the blowing snow out wonderfully! No, it's not the best thing you've ever seen, but I am quite proud of myself for accomplishing it! I don't know how to do buttonholes yet so I cheated and attached a magnetic closure and stitched a faux toggle button on the front! I am so tired of practicing swatches and crap I just wanted to finish something without hitting a snag, so I will learn buttonholes the next time! This was originally intended to be a scarf but I wasn't able to get more yarn in the same color, so I just used one entire skein and I like this better, it even looks good worn indoors.

neck gaiter in action in the snow

I am starting another project this evening after the kiddos go to bed, not sure what yet. I got a couple of knitting books and have just been drooling over cabled sweaters today, but I need to get real and find the beginner projects tonight. You cablers and sock knitters are amazing, now that I know what goes into them!

As I was writing this, I just found out that apparently Finn decided to put snowballs in his bedroom... hours ago... oh, I can't wait for bedtime for little boys!


  1. Oh. My. Gosh. Your snow! I'm shaking my head and saying, "Why not us??" (With our cold temps we're noticing more and more how much colder the house is without any snow to bank up around the perimeter for insulation.) Great videos. The boys looked like they're really enjoying it. Other than the non-snow-shoveling enthusiast, that is! Thanks for sharing!

    Erin, your neck warmer is gorgeous! Beautiful yarn and you did such a good job. I think you done been bit by da knittin' bug!

  2. That looks like almost as much snow as we have here!!! What fun for the boys and the dogs.
    I am totally jealous of your knitting. I had my first lesson from a friend on Wednesday and lets just say that I suck at it.
    Oh, and you last video of snow shoveling didn't play for me. I'll try to reload the page and see if it works.

  3. Congrats on the mini scarf! Looks very nice.

  4. your're funny, Judy.... I totally suck!! How I can cast on a row of 27 stitches and on the very next row I have 29 is beyond me. So I rip it off and next time it contains 31 stitches... can you tell I started something new last night, lol? I ended up putting it away and will start fresh again this evening. We got even more snow last night and now I have to shovel what is basically PLATES OF ICE! Good times... the reality is setting in today

  5. What fun, now you can see what we Canadians go through for 6 months a year! But this year we have hardly any snow and it has been over 7 degrees warmer than usual everyday this month. Warmest January by 7 degrees on record according to the news. I love you videos, the tantrum one is so priceless - you are a great mom. Peace

  6. I LOVE your shortened scarf, so chic! Great job Erin!!

    The dogs were so cute playing, and of course the chucked shovel was amusing as well. That was some good snow you got there in VA.