right now

right now

Jan 31, 2010

Garden Blogger's Death Day!

And I thought I wouldn't have a Death Day post in the winter.

The gory details...


Images of Dreams Dashed...

Good Tomato

Bad Tomato

Healthy Tomato

Terminally Ill Tomato

Will I try this again next year? You bet! I love the emotional turmoil of it all. I will be the only one telling the truth in the Hydroponics Store next year in asking for help growing my "tomatoes". Will also be the one dumping obscene amounts of money on some "sure-fire" way to grow tomatoes indoors, only I won't have all the ganja sale money to justify my expenditures, LOL, I'm on a mission now.


  1. Awww, my condolences on your poor tomato. The leaves look stressed. Know what I mean? Like mine do when they suffer through heavy, steady winds. Hmm, boys moving too fast in their room?

    But I know you'll try again and will succeed. You've got the intelligence and tenacity to do it! (Me? I can't even grow tomatoes outside in the summer!)

  2. HA! I love you loving the emotional turmoil. We gardeners are gluttons for punnishment, aren't we.

  3. Lol, we gardeners owe a lot to the weed growers of the world, they figure out what works and what doesn't for the rest of us. So sorry Mr. Tomato has gone droopy, you gave it a good effort. (Maybe the snowy forcast had him bummed out??)

  4. There are times when I contemplate the value of the hardscape in my yard and think just one growing season with the expensive kind of week would pay for all the heirloom tomatoes I could eat. . .

    Sorry about your baby.

  5. Perhaps it will have a 'second wind', I declared a plant as dead for the November garden bloggers death day and now it's coming back - I think just to prove me wrong!

  6. Too cold and not enough light - good try. Peace

  7. Oh yikes....sorry Erin! Don't fret though, you'll be transplanting tomatoes into the garden in no time.