right now

right now

Jan 27, 2010

Seedlings 2010...And We're Off!

First Sprouts of 2010!

36 hours, Boxwood Basil!

36 hours, Mizuna Oriental Greens

48 hours....WAIT FOR IT.....


Close-Up of the Mystery Seed...

I know, I know, you're thinking Basil, but I really don't remember getting any seed, and the fluff seed hulls that were in with the seed didn't seem Basil-ish to me!

I really think we need to start a tradition of sending Mystery Seeds to each other, it's actually a lot of fun, the kids are getting a kick out of it!

Stay tuned for the next episode of Mystery Horticultural Theatre, episode 2, "The First True Leaves"


  1. OOOHhh... Mystery seeds. I really like that idea. It would help me in my fear of branching out!

  2. It sure would sharpen our observation skills as to identifying different sprouts! (A skill I'm not good at in the least!)

  3. That sounds like fun! We should, however, give an approximate spacing for the mystery plant, so the kids don't try to grow 40 foot squash vines an a 1 sf area ;-)

    Mystery plants are fun for kids and adults...you can read about ours at http://annieskitchengarden.blogspot.com/2008/09/september-11-2008-alicias-everlasting.html

  4. Wow...that's some really quick germination you've got going on there! Maybe we should start placing bets right now on what the mystery seeds are.

  5. Impressive! The mystery seed idea sounds like fun. I still need to get your seeds into the mail. Maybe I'll send along a few 'others' as well.

  6. Awesome - love this kind of post, ain't nature grand!!! Peace

  7. Ha. That's a great idea. But it's too hard to tell the coles apart. Some of them I can't tell them apart at maturity, even. A volunteer in my front yard might have been Siberian Kale, or it might have been broccoli raab. I have no clue. . .

    It will be lots of fun to watch yours grow.

  8. Yay for germination! Who knew a few tiny little sprouts could be so exciting!! You know, your mystery sprouts look a lot like my pak choi sprouts (they both have vivid green, kidney-shaped leaves), but I guess all brassicas do? It will be interesting to see what it becomes!

  9. I don't get to come by as often as I would like to "catch up" with you and your adventures, but that is okay, it seems to turn out to be early Sunday morning when all is quiet, and I and my coffee alone are visiting my old favs and new favs when I get to stop by. Which is perfectly fine with me.

    I think I am almost as excited about the mystery seed as you, my stomach is knotting in anticipation to see what it is. Guess I have a few more Sunday mornings with coffee to wait.

    I tried to knit, didn't work, I think that because I have been crocheting since I was in the 4th grade (to early to figure it out) and I know how to do it blindfolded, I didn't really give knitting a try.... I love your project, I am thinking it would go good with my ear thingy's I made last year, I'll try to get a picture up and then let you know when I do. They are kind of like ear muffs, but are crocheted flowers, with a chain (crocheted chain) you slip behind the ear. I like them because you don't have to remove your earrings to wear them.

    I am anxious for tips on indoor tomatoes, keep us posted.

    I was born and raised in Illinois, so snow doesn't bother me down here in NE Texas, it's all the idiots who are fiddna (fixin to shortened) get out there and drive in it if it kills them, and everyone else. My husband laughs when I ask him if he has the trunk packed down and has his emergency kit in it when we get any snow worth having. Well, he used to, until we fishtailed and I informed him that pile of bricks in the yard or a load of firewood would have stopped that.

    What's up with people lining up on one side of the gas station, can't the turn their car around or back up, or do you live in Arkansas? Ooops did I say that out loud? My parents are in SW KY and they live WAY out in the boonies so they filled up, and hunkered down for the 7 1/2 inches they got. No worries though they have a generator.....

    Well, I'm off for a refill and then sit back and watch your kiddos in the snow for a bit. See ya soon.

    Oh and I would be up for a mystery exchange!!!